The amusing term ‘coexistence’

By Hisham Nafa' From Haaretz Many people have expressed surprise at the recent violence in Acre. Particularly amusing was the mantra that rolled off the tongues of government officials, their eyes wide open: "How could such a thing happen in a city of coexistence?"   There are two possible explanations for the bizarre logic behind this [...]

War Crimes

Holding the top brass of the Israeli security apparatus, i.e. army, border patrol,  shabak etc., responsible for the crimes committed against the Palestinian people is crucial to the struggle to end the apartheid regime that they enforce.  Several countries have already made it difficult for these criminals to enter their borders and the more countries [...]

fighting for peace

I am a professional martial artist, I teach karate for a living.  So what does that have to do with peace?  A lot!  I was able to visit two karate schools in the PA, one in Anata and one in Ramallah.  They were both excellent schools with a very high level of instruction.   Now [...]