Liberal Zionism

Setting aside for a moment the argument of whether dividing historic Palestine into two states was ever a good idea, clearly forty years ago it was a viable solution. Today as liberal Zionist Jews and others call for this solution, it is a sad and pathetic sight. In 1967, after the IDF completed the conquest [...]

Emil Habibi from 1985

In his short tale called Akhtia, which was published 25 years ago (hard to believe) The great Emil Habibi tells the story of an American who went to swim in the Sea of Galilee.  His car and clothes were stolen and so the Israeli police went to look for them among the Arab towns and [...]


It is said of Albert Einstein that he gave a particular exam to a class that had already been given that exam.  Alarmed at what he saw and thinking it to be the result of the professor's absent-mindedness, an assistant warned Einstein of what he was about to do.  The Professor just smiled and said: [...]