MK Hanin Zoabi on the murder in Itamar.

Hanin Zoabi, Palestinian member of the Israeli parliament released a statement regarding the murder of the family in the Jewish West Bank settlement Itamar. With her permission I translated her statement to English and here it is published in English for the first time:

“I condemn the horrendous murder of the babies in Itamar and the breeding ground in which it was conceived: The Israeli Occupation of Palestine. I also condemn those who expect that occupiers will enjoy a secure and normal life.
There can be no justifying or excusing of any murder. There can be no excuses or justifications made for a murderer anywhere in the world and the murder of the family in Itamar is no different. At the same time, I emphasize that there can be no excusing or justifying those who believe that an occupied nation is to surrender while its occupiers enjoy a normal life.
The crime of the murder in Itamar is the lesser of two crimes. The greater crime is the Israeli occupation of Palestine. It is morally wrong to condemn one without the other. Those who called and wrote to ask “what does Hanin Zoabi think?” and “why does Hanin Zoabi not condemn?” can be assured that I do condemn, clearly, firmly and unequivocally. However, I accuse the Israeli government and I consider Jewish citizens of Israel who support this government to be collectively responsible.
I therefore condemn in a manner that is moral, ethical and political: I condemn the murder itself and the root cause of the murder: the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and I do all that is within my power to end it.”

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