Gaza Bled as the World Watched. By Miko Peled

December 27, 2008 will forever be etched in our memory as one of the darkest and most shameful days in the long history of the Jewish people. A day when the Jewish State committed horrendous shameful crimes against an entire civilian population, including 800,000 children.  Its hard to believe the three years have gone by since those dreadful bloody three weeks between December 27 2008 and January 20 2009. Those were three weeks of such death and destruction that one can hardly comprehend. I recall stories of the Israeli air force pilots of the IDF Terror Organization who flew sortie after sortie, dumping hundreds of tons of bombs on Gaza, exposing a civilian population to unimaginable horror and then returning home to their families to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hanukah, believe i or not but the attacks took place during Hanukah. Then these pilots, having enjoyed the celebration slept well in the comfort of their homes and their beds only to get up the next morning and do it again, and again, and again. Israeli apologists claimed that Israel gave the people of Gaza advanced warning prior to the attacks. Apparently they dropped thousands of leaflets to let the besieged people of Gaza know that this nightmare was about to begin. One can only imagine the mother who saw the warnings. Knowing that the death and destruction were pending and knowing also that there was no where to go, nowhere to take her children no where to hide them from the fire, the smoke, the chemicals and the phosphorous that melts the flesh and won’t be extinguished – no where to go because Israel had imposed a siege, a never ending lockdown on the people of Gaza. So for the Israeli air force pilots, young men who Israelis and Jewish Zionists everywhere consider their finest, this was nothing more than shooting fish in a barrel as they began their merciless onslaught at precisely 11:25 am on December 27, 2008.  They began by dropping hundreds of tons of bombs at the precise time that Gaza children were out in the streets. Between 11 and 11:30 AM 800,000 children of Gaza are on their way to school or returning home from school, it is at this time that the two shifts of the school day change. That was the time chosen by the Israeli decision makers to begin the assault.

To demonstrate just how horrific this was, here is a description of who the IDF Terror Organization attacked.  From Charles Glass’  “The Tribes Triumphant,” “ smocks of blue or grey little girls with white fringe collars, boys leading their younger brothers…with canvas bags of books on their backs, hair brushed back and faces scrubbed .. Thousands and thousands of children’s feet padding the dusty paths between their mother’s front doors and their schools…Gaza is a children’s land. …beautiful youngsters so innocent that they could laugh even in Gaza.” These are the people Israel attacked on that dark, dark December day. People who support Israeli brutality will no doubt claim that Israeli had the right to act as it did because it was acting in self-defense. Self defense from kassam rockets fired by Hammas militants in Gaza. Thousands of rockets that were launched to kill innocent civilians in Israel.

I was sitting with my children and relatives in a kibbutz, a stones throw from Gaza relaxing on a Saturday afternoon as the Kassam rockets began flying over us and the alarms went off. It was frightening. Just this last December a kassam rocket fell in the same kibbutz near the kindergarten, when children were present. The children were hurt. There were bloody scratches, shattered glass everywhere and several children were hospitalized in a state of shock. I saw the hole in the ground created by the rocket, the size of a large soccer ball. And then I remembered what a crater made by a one-ton bomb looks like. It is the size of a city block. Children do not suffer shock or scratches, they are decimated and burned and buried in the rubble and suffocated from the fumes. Now, multiply that by 100 and multiply that again and again and keep in mind that in Gaza population density is one of the highest in the world 10,000 people per sq mile. Yet the Israeli lobby and the US government will justify this. Hard to imagine.

One day soon, Israel, the Generals of the IDF Terror Organization, and the apologists who justify every Israeli crime will apologize, claim they were only following orders or deny they had anything to do with it.  But we won’t forget. We won’t forget the criminals were until they are all seated nicely on the defendants bench at The Hague.


  1. General Peled and his principled wife raised two very fine children. I hope their voices ring far and wide across America, exposing and shaming our AIPAC-controlled politicians.

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