Why is it that every time a President, Vice President, Prime Minister or anyone else speaks to Jewish audiences in America they talk about the US attacking Iran. The latest such folly was Joe Biden at the at the annual convention of the Rabbinical Assembly (international body of about 1,600 Conservative rabbis) in Atlanta, Georgia. Biden said that the United States understands that the Israeli leadership sees Iran as an existential threat.

What is it about this that he understand exactly? Why does everyone think that Jewish people can’t sleep at night unless the promise of annihilating Iran is whispered in their ears?  One of the worst things that happened to American Jewish community is that they became Zionist and thus lost their Jewishness.  What issue do Jewish people in this country, or any country for that matter have with Iran that they need to constantly be told the US may bomb Iran?  Zionism has turned Jews into lackeys of the state of Israel and in the past Israel had implicated entire Jewish communities with being Zionist and in Arab Jewish communities this had disastrous effects.

One might ask the American Zionist Jewish leadership what they think will happen when Americans finally become fed up with Israel, as they became fed up with South Vietnam.  People who are old enough to remember President Gerald Ford, may remember that he promised that the US will never forsake its great ally in Southeast Asia.  And yet, in December 1974, when North Vietnamese forces invaded the province of Phuoc Long President Gerald Ford requested aid for South Vietnam in a $522 million aid package.  These funds had already been promised by the Nixon administration but Congress voted against the proposal by a wide margin. Senator Jacob Javits said “…large sums for evacuation, but not one nickel for military aid.” Today South Vietnam no longer exists.

The Iran issue is placing the Jewish community in America on the wrong side of an issue in which they should have no part.  Israel and the US are colluding to hide Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians and Iran is the smoke screen. Never mind that 74 million Iranians who hurt no one and attacked no one need to live in fear of an impending attack and suffer deprivations from sanctions imposed on them for no good reason.

The notion of an Iranian threat is as absurd as the threat of Iraq’s WMD.  Going along with Israel’s madness and placing Iran and Iranians in this predicament is shortsighted. For the American Jewish community this shortsightedness may come at a heavy price.

Has The Zionist Inquisition Come to These Shores? By Miko Peled

According to a report published Feb 7, 2012 by The Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, titled “Terrorism in the Decade Since 9/11,” written by Charles Kurzman,  – Muslims in the US pose “a minuscule threat to public safety.” The report states among other things that out of 14,000 murders that took place in the US in 2011 not a single one resulted from Muslim extremists. It further states that 20 Muslim-Americans committed or were arrested for terrorist crimes in 2011, down from 26 in 2010 and 49 in 2009. Besides the fact that the numbers are declining, the worst case was 49 people out of a population of over five million Muslims living in the US.  So why are Muslim Americans being singled out at airports?  Why is Congressman Peter King, so dedicated to investigating a community where such an insignificant number of people have been involved in violent crimes? It would seem that like the inquisition, which in the 15th century persecuted its victims in Europe and then followed them to the Americas, Zionist persecution of Palestinians (and by default, Muslims in general), has reached the US.

One can understand why Israel, a racist chauvinistic state keeps thousands of Palestinians in jail. Israel is at war with the Palestinians and will not tolerate any significant resistance to its brutal ethnic cleansing campaign.  So like any other rogue state, Israel places freedom fighters in prison. Israel uses the security excuse to humiliate and discriminate against palestinians, even when the Palestinians are law abiding Israeli citizens. And in terms of numbers, according to the Palestinian prisoner support and human rights association Adameer’s latest report, the total number of Palestinian political prisoners in Israel is 4610. Out of those there are 322 administrative detainees 203 child prisoners 31 of them under 16 years of age.  They site 6 female prisoners and there are 27  Palestinian Legislative Council members who are imprisoned and 456 prisoners from Gaza who have not received any family visits since 2007. A map of Israeli prisons and detention facilities in Israel demonstrates more than anything that Israel is indeed a prison state.

Here in the US, the case of the Holy Land Foundation seems more like persecution than prosecution. Five Palestinian-Americans were given prison sentences of up to sixty-five years although their connections to terrorism and to terror organizations were sketchy and no charges of violence were brought against them. But not only that, some of these men, that on the face of it at least seem more like political prisoners than criminals, have been placed in very strange type of prisons called Communication Management Units, or CMUs.

Compared to other inmates, those placed in the CMU have little contact with the outside world. It is reported that at least $14 million is spent on surveillance of the prisoners in CMUs and that a counterterrorism team in West Virginia monitors all their verbal communication.  In contrast with ordinary inmates, in ordinary prisons, where the visitation standard includes unlimited contact during visitation day, CMU prisoners are banned from any physical contact with visiting friends and family, including babies, infants, and minor children.  All communication is done using a phone through a glass wall.  According to family members who I met,  loved ones often travel for over ten hours spending time and money to reach the CMU and once they arrive, if the phone doesn’t work the prison officials will not allow them to continue the visit. According to the Center for Constitutional rights, “Individuals detained in the CMUs receive no meaningful explanation for their transfer to the unit or for the extraordinary communications restrictions to  which they are subjected. Upon designation to the unit, there is no meaningful review or appeal process that allows CMU prisoners to be transferred back to general population. Many CMU prisoners have neither significant disciplinary records nor any communications-related infractions. However, bias, political scapegoating, religious profiling and racism keep them locked inside these special units.”

One aspect of the Holy Land Foundation case that should certainly raise serious questions is the fact that two expert witnesses were brought in from Israel. A Mossad agent and an Israeli army intelligence officer, two sources of intelligence known for their illegal activities worldwide and their horrific record on human and civil rights. One would do well not to trust or to take at fee value any information emanating from these sources as they are well known for their lax attitude toward the truth. Both men were identified only by first names which were probably not their own, yet they had provided what the prosecution considered important evidence.

This goes to the childish awe with which Americans hold the Israeli security services. The word of Israeli security seems to be as unimpeachable here as it is in Israel. This is frighteningly similar to court cases in Israel where Palestinian political prisoners are conveniently not allowed to face their accusers who are often security officers with first names only. The excuse is of course, “security considerations.”

In Israel it is acceptable to disguise all crimes against Palestinians with “security” considerations. It seems that today this the case in US as well.

«Wir Juden brauchen keinen Staat»


Der Israeli Miko Peled ist Sohn eines Generals, Karate-Meister und Friedensaktivist. Über seinen aussergewöhnlichen Werdegang hat er jetzt ein Buch geschrieben.


Anna Trechsel

The Pretty Faces of Israeli Apartheid by Miko Peled

If you have not seen the IDF spokesman latest Happy Independence Day video on YouTube than you should, only don’t eat beforehand as you are guaranteed to throw up.


About half a dozen fully armed girl-combat soldiers speaking perfect English with American and British accents who volunteered to serve in the IDF because “it is the right thing to do” send their families back home a Happy Independence Day message hoping that they too will one day make “Aliya.” Cute, dust and sweat covered faces of young people who willingly serve in the IDF terror squads present Israel to the world as a harmless friendly little country just busy defending itself.

But even the sweet smiles of young Israeli girl-soldiers cannot hide the brutality of the regime they serve: Thousands of Palestinians sit in Israeli prisons. An estimated three hundred prisoners are held without charge, under administrative arrest.  The heroism of  Khader Adnan and Hana Elshalabi, which makes the Israeli girl soldiers look pathetic, sparked a wave of hunger strikes throughout the prison population and brought the issue of the administrative incarceration of Palestinians by Israel to the forefront. When asked by CNN to explain the administrative detention of Adnan, the face of Israeli apologetics Mark Regev, had a tough time.  He claimed that since much of the information about the defendants was classified, the state had to withhold it from the public and from the defendant who is of course a known terrorist, except that if he were indeed a known terrorist then one would think that the state would charge him. In other words once again the entire security argument is shown to be a lie.

For Israel all of this is a game of public relations as it keeps indulging itself with huge amounts of self-righteousness. Squeezed between the IDF one the one hand and a bureaucracy that oppresses and incarcerates them on the other, Palestinians are caught as though between the claws of a giant crab. Yet the face of apartheid Israel, whether in El Al ads or the IDF spokesman promotion videos is always that of brave looking young Israeli soldiers with smiles on their faces.  As long as Israel’s case is being presented favorably with an American accent and a smile then everything is fine.

It has been two years since the Israeli Naval commandos attacked the Mavi Marmara on its way to Gaza, and two commando “fighters” who were apparently injured by armed terrorists on the Mavi Marmara, are now finally healed and able to return to active duty.  This warranted a story in the weekend edition of Yediot Aharonot. The cover photo had the two wounded warriors wearing ski masks that cover their mouth and nose so that they will not be recognized and they are both in uniform aiming their semi automatic guns at imaginary enemies. One of the two was apparently shot in the stomach and the other had fractured his arm in the “battle.”  In the report there are several photos of these wounded warriors as well as a photo of the arms found on the “terrorist’s” boat: one can clearly see kitchen utensils, mechanical equipment like wrenches and hammers, chains, a Kuffiya and CDs. But strangely enough, there is no gun in the photo.  The gun that was used to shoot the soldier is missing from the photo and there is no explanation as to where it might be.

The soldiers, heroes that they are, admit that as they were preparing for the this “operation” they were expecting some mild violence, but they were shocked by the level of violence and the aggressive reactions of the “terrorists” on board the Mavi Marmara.  In one part of the story, the one soldier said that after he was shot he saw one of the terrorists aim a gun at another soldier and so even as he was bleeding from a stomach wound and in great pain, he “finished him off.” “How were you able to tell the terrorists from the plain civilian activists?” The reporter asks the soldiers whose names are not revealed and are identified only by their first initial, “the terrorists had orange color vests on.”

Zionism is at war with the Palestinian people.  As Israel tries to erase all signs of Palestinian existence and Palestinian connection to the land, its forces brutally kill or arrest those who resist or even just get in the way. Israel has delegitimized itself and made the ethnic cleansing of Palestine the hallmark of Zionism. The tragic and pathetic attempts to cover up the horror  with silly public relations gimmicks will not hide the fact that it Israel is a rogue terrorist state.