Sweden and Britain Have Spoken. By Miko Peled


I was thrilled to hear that the Swedish and then the British parliaments voted to recognize Palestine, or rather the State of Palestine. I think that this is a joyous day for all peace and freedom loving people.

So now we can expect to see the Israeli military pulling back, checkpoints being dismantled and that grey ugly and very costly wall come tumbling down at last.  Soon Shuhada street in Hebron will be open for business and the settlers will vacate the homes they stole and return to wherever it was they they came from. Now there is no longer need for Palestinians in the old cities of Hebron, Jerusalem and Silwan to remain in their homes for fear that they be taken by armed Jewish settler mobs.

I can see the faces of the mothers and fathers of the thousands of prisoners who will now finally be released. The children who never saw their fathers, wives who had been alone for decades reunite with their husbands. Surely there will be celebrations in Ramallah, the flag of Palestine will be raised in Yaffa and in Haifa, in Akka and in Jerusalem.

Soon we can expect to see the long lines of people going to the polls to vote for the first real democratic elections, in the free State of Palestine. Posters of Palestinian leaders and campaign rallies will be seen all over the country.  Surely posters with the faces of soon to be released Marwan Barghouti and Ahmad Saadat, along with other, lesser known names will be plastered everywhere.

Palestinian fathers like my friend Iyad Burnat, who for years could not explain to their young children why they are not allowed to go to the beach and why they are not free to travel to Jerusalem as I do, and visit the sacred Al Aqsa mosque will now be able to do so.  Now millions of Palestinians can take their families to enjoy a day in Yaffa or Haifa and spend time on the beach, spend the night in a local hotel and then the next day they will be free to go to Jerusalem to shop and pray and then return to their villages in the West Bank. Surely now that Britain and Sweden both recognized the State of Palestine, Palestinians can travel as free people in Palestine without the need for permits.

One can expect a committee will urgently be formed to accommodate the return of Palestinian refugees to Palestine. The refugee camps will be dismantled, those who wish to return will soon be able to do so and those who do not wish to will receive appropriate compensation for their loss and their suffering, much like Jewish people did after the holocaust.  This committee will discuss how restitution is to be distributed and where to house returning refugees whose villages have been wiped off the map.

Now that Sweden and Britain have spoken the Gaza strip will be open in no time and the forces that had destroyed it will now rebuild it. Surely there will be money set aside from the US foreign aid and money that is given to Israel and money from the UK and Germany all of whom supplied Israel with the money and weapons used to murder innocents in Gaza, this money will now go to rebuild Gaza and compensate the families who lost their bread winners. The families of the inured will be given the finest medical care  in modern facilities in Be’er Sheba, Ashkelon, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The state will pay for their medical expenses and care for them for as long as is needed.

Surely monuments can now be built to commemorate the thousands of innocents brutally murdered by the Zionist regime. A monument for the brave young Palestinians who fought and died in Gaza, who gave their lives to free their people will to be erected and the memory of their courage will be forever be etched in our minds, not to say the history books of the newly recognized State of Palestine.

Surely British and Swedish parliamentarians had all this in mind when they cast their courageous vote. Why, anything short of this would be hypocrisy. Anything short of a free State of Palestine, over all of Palestine would be merely an empty gesture.  No member of parliament that respects themselves would vote for an empty gesture, a symbol with no meaning or content.

A vote that is any less than recognizing a free State of Palestine over all of Palestine, and calls for the Zionist regime to be removed, would merely be the Europeans once again trying to wash their hands of a problem they created and supported.  One can hardly believe that they would cast such a meaningless, cowardly vote that makes not one iota of difference to anyone.

Surely before casting their vote they asked whether this vote will bring the urgent relief needed in Gaza, or whether it will male it easier for children in West Bank villages to go to school? Will it have an effect on the distribution of water, or lack their of, to Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills? Will the village of Nabi Saleh receive the same services and water as the brutally violent settlers who live in Halamish, a settlement built on Nabi Saleh land? Will the people of other Palestinian villages now have access to the roads and highways. Will they be able to travel freely to work, school and to their own leisure throughout all of Palestine? They must have asked if this vote of recognition in the State of Palestine will allow Palestinians of 1948 to live and work freely, marry whomever they wish, build their homes and their communities as free, independent people.

Sadly, however,  Sweden and the UK have chosen the easy way out. Instead of dealing a real blow to the apartheid Zionist regime in Jerusalem, instead of sending a message that violence and racism will not be tolerated, they chose an empty gesture, they chickened out and voted for nothing.

As one wise Palestinian lady said: “They can keep their vote.”


  1. Excellent article, and I look forward to seeing more countries follow Sweden and England’s recognition of the Palestine state.

  2. Yes it is symbolic only right now. But it is not insignificant and Israel’s reaction shows that. This is a long march to freedom and sometimes it is with little steps after 48 years of stifling and cruel occupation.

  3. Sir, This is a “GREAT DAY” I just wish I was near so I could “HUG” everyone.. God bless you for being the great Man your Mother and Father brought up, Bless then also, your whole family..


  4. I should have added that it is because of you – and other such as B’T’Selem, Max Blumenthall, Ilan Pappe, Breaking The Silence, Henry Siegmen and others – that I learnt Arabic and I am writing a book on Islam. You will win.

  5. dear Mike Nobel Prize for Pease should go for people like you my admiration and respect to you. did you ever received a Palestinian passport for you as recognition of your effort regards Dr MAHMOUD Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 07:02:53 +0000 To: reem6116@hotmail.com

  6. Miko I hope that you get this.

    With respect sir – I sincerely hold you in the highest regard & I understand that that is not of your concern. ( which adds to the respect I carry for you )

    I have a thousand questions for you & I truly hope to someday shake your hand & more importantly invest heavily in the cause. I wanted to let you know ( you probably are already aware ) but you have 1 typo in your 11th paragraph where you wrote male instead of I believe you may have intended to say make. Your article hits the head & is well said.

    I hope to share my story with you someday ( nothing like yours but nevertheless brought us to the same understanding of others ) but until then sir you are making a huge difference & your actions inspire so deeply.

    Thank you for putting others before yourself. A thousand blessing to you & yours.

    sincerely, Craig Parker Adams

  7. Mr. Peled your wish will come true, please dont be discouraged, slowly but surely we will see positive changes. God willing Palestine will be free in the near future and we will finally be able to rejoice after a very bleak period in history :-).

  8. Miko Peled, I am one of your most fervent admirers but I am at a loss why you begin this piece with a note if jubilation and optimism and end with such disillusion and pessimism. Surely thus us a step in the right direction, I think most of these politicians are hoping fir the very things you describe, the road ahead may be long but this is a step forward.

  9. Dear Miko,

    I share your thoughts. I watched the UK Parliament debate last night, and although the final vote was merely overwhelming but ‘symbolic’, I couldn’t help but get a sense of history, when the same Parliament nearly 100 years ago, debated what parts of the Middle East this colonial power should mandate as a trust. This trust held over Palestine was later violated and discarded to please the Zionists.

    I do not celebrate yesterday’s vote although I believe it does reflect a serious change of mood at least in Europe, in not globally, albeit coming after another heavy cost the Palestinians have paid with their lives.

    Even though they voted for Palestinian Statehood, and some mumbled something about it being the 1967 borders, they did not have the guts to say ‘over the whole of historic Palestine’. The UN Partition Plan was the ultimate ‘rape’ of Palestine. The 1967 borders were the result of the further rape by the zionist gangs between 1947 and 1949.

    I am afraid that the vote for recognistion in this format will be promoting recognition of ‘The State of Palestine’ as a ‘Bantustan’ state at best and as a fiction of our imagination at worst.

    With this recognition, the world in general and the Palestinians in particular will be offering legitimacy to present-day Israel which is racist, apartheid, Jewish and colonialist.

    Recognition of Palestine implies casting aside the Palestinian refugees, their Right of Return and the status of Jerusalem as an International enclave. This point was eloqunetly raised by Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP, last night, but is yet to be cast in stone as a solid and crucial foundation for Palestinian Statehood. Israel is eating away at East Jerusalem and the OPT every day, and by the time recognition is granted by the all permanent members of the Security Council (the hypocritical bunch), there will be nothing left but empty words.

    Peter Oborne, the Chief Foreign Editor of The Telegraph asked recently in an Op Ed: “But what is the alternative [to a two-state recognition]? A one-state solution would involve the creation of a new entity stretching from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River. It would embrace Gaza and the West Bank, meaning that the majority of the population would be Arab”.

    My answer to him is: “So, what?” That worked in pre-1948 when Jews and Arabs lived side by side. The only reason that it may not work today would be the extremists orthodox Jews holding the policy makers in zionist Israel by the balls. Lieberman is their boss. What a farcical ‘coalition partner’ he is.

    I am afraid, this recognition is but another mirage created by the failure of all the ‘peace processes’ led by the biggest supporter of Israel: USA.
    Let us not rejoice about yesterday’s vote in the British Parliament. But let us at least breathe a sigh of relief that public opinion is finally changing. The only way forward now is to harness that wind of change to promote a One-State for all, which democratic, civil, fair and abiding by all international laws. That state should cover all historic Palestine.

  10. hey mike,

    I’m 100% in sync with you politically – I’m in malaysia right now, on my way to a job in brunei. while here i bought a t-shirt at a sidewalk sale that reads ‘save gaza’

    its amazing the positive acknowledgments i get wearing it – from a thumbs up from some elderly veiled muslim woman to a macho bus driver guy running over and firmly shaking my hand. i love wearing it!

    cheers, geoff

  11. Thank you, Miko! You ARE a brave man, righteous and true! May the angels of YAHWEH guard you! May the Holy Spirit guide Zionists to repent. MAY PEACE COME TO JERUSALEM at last! Amen. Hope and Pray for THE miracle! Tony Hearn http://www.tonysjournal.com. I pray I may be freed of my cynicism and my distrust of Benjamin Netanyahu and his breed of vipers. I pray they may yield to the CALL to GOODNESS and MERCY and LOVING KINDNESS – without the continued struggle of GOOD over evil in the Holy Land. As you concluded,”Sadly, however,  Sweden and the UK have chosen the easy way out. Instead of dealing a real blow to the apartheid Zionist regime in Jerusalem, instead of sending a message that violence and racism will not be tolerated, they chose an empty gesture, they chickened out and voted for nothing.

    As one wise Palestinian lady said: “They can keep their vote.”
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  12. Miko Peled has exposed the brutal Zionist regime for what it is. Thank God for him and Pappe, Blumenthal, Finkelstein, Carter and others and Arafat (RIP). As Noam Chomsky has said, years ago he couldn’t visit a college without police now he arrives to cheers and approbation.

  13. Miko. Do you not smell a rat here?. 80% of the British Government are friends of Israel, likewise the other parties, more or less. So, is it not suspicious that the vote was 274 for recognition and only 12 against. Is this not just a ploy to placate the restless masses?. After all, its non binding and actually means nothing!

  14. For Miko Peled: You, Miko, should go back to Israel and RUN for office against Zionists like Netanyahu. Peled for Prime Minister! You should give Israelis a choice between GOOD and evil !
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  15. This is so beautifully said, Miko. No surprise, of course.

    From Bob – the guy who, with Ingrid, is working to bring you to Washington to give a talk…Please be patient with us, we will get there yet!!

  16. Excellent news. Maybe the mo0re delusional amongst The Israelis and their supporters may feel a little less incline to think that theirs is the only nbarrative.

  17. Agh, I see you were being sarcastic. Yes I can see all that, but any step in the right direction is important isn’t it? The edifice that Israel have bulit over the last few decades isn’t going to be shifted overnight. The Israelis have infiltrated all thought in the West. Any criticism of them is prayed as criticism of the establishment in whichever country they are operating. All cleverly done. I am glad the American money they have spent on R has produced results.

    I think Israel lost a lot of support in The UK after the last Turkey shoot in Gaza and last night’s vote, although symbolic, was a manifestation of that.

  18. YOU, MIKO PELED, should be ELECTED the new leader of Israel AND the new State of Palestine! Go back to Jerusalem and give REAL people the choice between GOOD and evil! Palestinian friends I know will work for your campaign and victory! This is SOMETHING worthy of your life! Tony Hearn San Antonio, Texas

  19. MIko — you are not being fair. I understand the snark attack and sympathize, but the gestures here are not meaningless. They are close to meaningless, but not entirely devoid of meaning. The UK vote was qualified by amendment referring — yes again — to final “negotiations”, as though Palestinians have any power to negotiate anything.

    Even so, the symbolic gesture, void of real content, is still something. The proof is that it irritates the sayanim abroad very much by opening the way for more such gestures as may accumulate, like UN Resolutions perhaps, but accumulate.

  20. I just hope that the brave step taken by Sweden and Britain will be followed rapidly by other states all over the world. I never expected to see this move, specially from Britain one of the main perpetrators of the inhumanty to the palestinian people, but its better late than never. Of course I do not expect the US to follow this trend.
    Why you end your fine article with such a pesimistic quote ? Maybe I am missing a point there.
    I was apalled at the little help in money given by the US for the reconstruccion of Gaza but not surprised. I think Quatar gave 1 billion and the US 300 millions with a total of 3.4 billions. Of course the one that should be forced to pay the entire bill is Israel. The UN is a total failure.
    Keep up the good job Mr Peled and God bless you.

  21. “Europeans once again trying to wash their hands of a problem they created and supported. One can hardly believe that they would cast such a meaningless, cowardly vote that makes not one iota of difference to anyone.”

    Were it merely hand washing Pilate-style, it would be of no consequence to anyone. However, after Zionist blowback, the thing was amended to conform to Zionist hasbara, namely that such recognition is conditioned by the results of direct negotiations between the parties, notwithstanding that one party has all the cards and the other has nothing at all to bring to the table.

    Even without this Zionist amendment, the resolution has the negative virtue of formally legitimizing Israeli statehood and the actions that created that statehood. After all, Israel’s plan is still “two state” — the reservations that Palestinians will be allotted for one state and the encompassing power state of Israel consisting of virtually all of mandate Palestine, as originally intended and always — let me state this again — ALWAYS sought by the Zionist charlatans from day one.

    The vote is the penultimate kissoff of Palestinian claims of any kind, the penultimate final denouement of all Anglo-Saxon interest in justice and decency, an entirely consistent piece of hypocrisy from the imperialists. One can expect lots of “me, too” cooperation from the EU or at least attempts in Germany and France to ape such a kissoff.

    The actual final kissoff will have to await the pleasure of Israel after consolidating its ethnic control of its completed lebensraum.

    I think this is what MIko is trying to say through all the rage and snark.

  22. Hypocrisy no doubt, State of Israel is a child of the British Raj, and now she’s morphed into the spoilt brat of the Amerian Raj…but it all adds up mate, step by single step….

  23. Let me put it another way: The provision that makes recognition dependent on negotiations is a cop out as negotiations are meaningless. It would be like Nazis negotiating with Jews about their fate. Power doesn’t negotiate, it is the exact opposite of negotiations.

  24. Wow: It is hard to believe why the Jews would want to keep the Palestinians out. Maybe we can see a clue in the charter of Hamass: Perhaps here:

    The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad, which is a Jewish tree (cited by Bukhari and Muslim).

    Let me put it this way, The Jews know, from 2000 years of history, that they can rely on no one but themselves. When push comes to shove almost everyone who is not Jewish, and even a few who are, will work to put Jews to the oven, or like this author, will stand passively by while others organize the murder of All Jews. Note the quote above refers, not to Zionists, but to Jews. This has been pretty much the Arab Mind set since the Mufti of Jerusalem worked with Hitler in the 1930’s

    1. Hi Doug, you seem to be confusing Israel, which is a state, with Jews, who is an ethno-religious group. Israel likes to encourage this confusion. But not all Jewish people are Israel sympathisers and not all non Jewish people are anti-Israel. Not all Hamas supporters are Muslim. Some Muslim people don’t like Hamas. Try not to think in boxes. The world is far more complex than that.

      Your post does outline why Israel presents a huge problem to the civilized world. If Israel is a Jewish state then it can only be an apartheid state. ‘A Jewish State for a Jewish people’ is as doomed to failure as was the Northern Irish State, which was (nearly) claimed to be ‘A Protestant Sate for a Protestant People’. The modern world is too small for ethnically homogeneous states. This would be the case even if you had lived in the region for a thousand years. But since the vast bulk of the Israeli Jewish population are immigrants from Europe since 1948, an attempt to create a homogeneously Jewish state can only be attempted by extreme violence towards the indigenous population.

      Israeli’s seem to be becoming more and more deluded as the world turns against their violence. Hopefully there will be enough Israelis who can see the bigger picture to turn the country away from its current self destructive trajectory. Constant war doesn’t make you any safer I am afraid.

      1. I highly recommend reading Mark Twain’s (Innocents Abroad) observations during his trip to the holy land in 1867. He certainly did not observe any ethnic conflict between Muslims and Jews.The idea that this has been going on for thousands of years is preposterous.

    2. Wow! hard to believe such simple-minded stuff is still sloshing around in some. Then there’s the Rabbi who said that the goyim are to “serve the Jews” etc. etc. Don’t bring religion into this. Zionism was not and is not a religious ideology. Jews and Arabs lived fine together in Palestine until Zionism. Did you even know this? They lived fine together through various administrations in Palestine. All this came to end with Zionism, a specious racist ideology sharing much in common with other racist ideologies designed to “save” a particular people. Much indeed.

      Security is not why Israelis won’t live with Arabs: It is because they want to be separate and exclusive to make a pure “Jewish State” which they feel, of course, was denied them in the ancient world. (It was not denied because they were Jews but because they were few and weak, which is actually still the case and the reason why Israel will ultimately collapse.) Jews rub shoulders with others all over the world today. Why not in Palestine? Because of ZIONISM.

      Odd thing about making this Zionist state: It is made at the expense of OTHER people not at the expense of the Jewish people, the majority of whom still do not live in Israel and never will. Some homeland! Instead, the human costs of making the state were passed off, are passed off, on others, on the indigenous people extant in the area. World Jewry provides money and tourism and hubris, but the human costs, the human sacrifice is passed on to Palestinians, now decade after decade.

      Today, this ersatz “homeland” pretends to be Jewish and represent Jews but nobody requires that all Jews live there so that it actually become a homeland. It is sufficient that it be, say, a “representative” homeland. In short, the Jews will not make the sacrifice to build “their” state Instead, they propose to build “their” state the cheap and easy way by exclusion, not inclusion (of Jews), by keeping others from rights and property in their own land not by the overwhelming presence of an overwhelming majority of Jews in situ, like the French presence in France or the English presence in England. Inasmuch as world Jewry did not and will not relocate en masse to Israel, the “Jewish character”, has to be created synthetically by exclusion, by subtraction. This explains the huge prisons, torture, walls, killing go on….so that WHATEVER JEWS happen to be “on the ground” will remain a majority and hence assure the Jewish “character” of the land. But this Jewish presence is labile, Israelis can and do leave all the time. Still, whatever remains has to be assured a majority so the proper “character” gets expressed. This can be a very stark undertaking if say only half a million Jews remain in Israel, for whatever reason. Therewith, millions would be kept out and away so that enclave could retain its “character.” Israel is just the whim of some Jewish ideologues and adventurers and so it remains. It is not a Jewish homeland but could someday be a homeland for Israelis, however they are constituted.

      What I am saying is that Israel cannot be the will of the Jewish people or their homeland without their NATURAL majority presence, a sizable majority of the Jewish people. For this to happen, millions of Jews will all have to immigrate to Israel which they simply will not do. So, the homeland is ersatz, a symbol created by exclusion, not the overwhelming will of the people for whom it is suppose to be a homeland. The sacrifices for the “homeland” are to be borne by non-Jews, not by Jews. Rather than the positive formation of a sovereign state through the indisputable majority of a people on the ground, which has always been a theoretical possibility and would more closely ape an historical process of nationalism, Israel is the negative formation of a majority through exclusion, dispossession and death. This is why Israel can never ever claim the moral ground: It has never represented the will of Jewish life but only the will of that part of Jewish life that is willing to move and live there. Jews remain in the diaspora. Why is this? If they really wanted a homeland, they would move home. If the Jews want a homeland then they should all be required to move and live in Israel by a certain date. If they do not, then they themselves are not willing to sacrifice to make a homeland and the Jews are not entitled to a homeland therewith. This should be the measure of nationhood. Either be there or no homeland.

      Nothing could be more false than another Jew evoking YET AGAIN the holocaust to get us to give Israel, the negative synthetic homeland, a pass. If Israel were the SOLUTION to the holocaust, then why aren’t all Jews rushing to immigrate to Israel now? They are not, so Israel is not the answer to the holocaust. What is so hideous is the scam — that Palestinians should be excluded, shuttled out, imprisoned, victimized and killed in large numbers so that SOME FOREIGN IMMIGRANTS can live out their racialist fantastic ideology on stolen property without the indigenous people in their midst. This is as ugly as the German settlement of parts of Wartheland (Poland) during the war, moving the Poles (and Jews) out.

      Another news flash for you Doug: Arabs have lived in Palestine about TWICE AS long as ancient Hebrews ever ruled there, even ASSUMING some connection between ancient Hebrews and Jewish persons today across a gulf of many thousands of years, an heroic assumption.

      True racist anti-semitism is so rare that whole Jewish organizations employ vast teams, and appropriate funding mind you, in order to invent it anew here and there and/or discover it fresh in new venues. Jewish victimization today is a farce and a scam and this is what you choose to champion, whereas Palestinian suffering is easily tabulated: 2100 in Gaza just this last time, including over 500 children.

    3. This conflict is political. It is not religious, cultural or racial though Zionists love to characterize it in these ways. Furthermore, Arabs and Jews historically got on much better than Europeans and Jews or Russians and Jews. Until Zionism, there was not much strife between the communities at all. Zionism — the ridiculous exclusive claim of some Jews to Palestine where another people lived and formed the majority — is the cause of all the strife today whatever form it may take. Zionism seeks to make a Jewish homeland but foists all the human sacrifices to create that state onto another people. These other people have every right to push back and every right to loathe the Zionists who have tormented them for decades.

      Zionists could solve their “demographic problem” by asking all Jews everywhere to come live in their homeland. The presence of 12 to 14 million Jews would resolve the demographics and a Jewish state with a Jewish “character” would be inevitable and unassailable. In the real world — a majority of Jews will continue to elect to live outside the homeland — the only way to assure the majority is through negative enactments, the denial of rights, property, freedom, and land to non-Jews. Reduced to negative enactments to assure the proper character, Israel gives up virtually any moral claim to a homeland. The need to produce a Jewish majority drives the hideous actions of the state, the prisons, the torture, the bombing, theft, humiliations, arrests of children. Every ugly thing associated with Israel is borne of this need and this need arises because world Jewry simply will not move to Israel and solve the demographic problem. That they will not means that others need to be eliminated in order to solve the problem. The Zionist project is now nothing more than criminal activities of a few ideologues and this is because the Jewish people don’t care enough about a homeland to make it real, to make sacrifices for it. Instead, others are forced to sacrifice. This is what is wrong with Zionism.

  25. My initial reaction was also one of fury, when I first read the proposed motion. Even if some politicians sounded concerned, they seem to be delusional or just plain naive about the reality on the ground. Now i’m hoping the people will be the strength for change.
    Its hard not to feel like the whole political complex is a charade.

  26. Hi Miko,

    I just want to say that I feel great shame that my Country started this whole mess with The Balfour Declaration….

    The changing of the maps over the decades since has been shocking. And then to ask such a simplified ( or as it seems ) question – Should Palestine be recognised? – which one? Which map are we going by?

    It seems so alien to me because during the early 80’s in High School, in England, I was briefly taught about the ‘Arab/Israeli Conflict….I don’t ever remember being taught about HOW Israel actually BECAME Israel. It’s fair to day that I found the whole subject totally confusing.

    I’m also ashamed to say that it wasn’t UNTIL a few years ago when I stepped into activism, that I actually began to understand a lot more. The World Wide Web, I’ve found to be far more ‘balanced’ than any history book at school, and definitely more trustworthy than Mainstream Media as a whole!

    For me, I believe you can only go do far back to time ( by way of reversing history )
    My heart bleeds for all these Palestinians who have lost their land and homes. I also have great empathy for people like your Mother – I remember you talking about her refusing a home because it was someone else’s. Many Jews who were evacuated didn’t know what lay ahead…

    I don’t have any answers, because I don’t feel clever enough to give any, but my feeling are that of course Palestine MUST be recognised. Israel has illegally taken land and that MUST be given back. Borders need to come down – both physical, and in the mind. Gaza needs to be rebuilt and it needs to come from the pockets of the Israel Government. I also think it should come from the US and my Countries pockets too. But most of all? Not one single Country on this Planet, must EVER stay silent EVER AGAIN whilst a powerful Army commits Genocide on a grand scale. That I am thoroughly ashamed of. I am British – BUT I do not represent my government. I live for peace and hope one day that everyone can live wherever they choose without fear of persecution.

    Y’know, often the old chestnut comes up ( question 😉 ) “if you were to choose who you could have dinner with, who would be on your guest list?”

    Well Miko, my mother would be my first choice always! But as a person whom I deeply admire, you would be on my wish list of inspirational guests.

    Keep talking Miko – you are an amazing gentleman 👍

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