Netanyahu’s Campaign Stop in DC! By Miko Peled


Netanyahu’s campaign stop in Washington DC turned out to be a huge success. Hours and hours of coverage on CNN and the other networks, which showered him with praise and had his images plastered all over our television sets, and all for free, absolutely free! Nor could he have hoped or paid for better coverage in the printed media. For several days Netanyahu’s face graced the front pages of the major newspapers in America.

Thankfully the visit was filled with controversy, which only gave it more coverage and kept everyone in suspense till the final moment when he actually stepped into the house of representatives to address the join session, assembled to greet him like Cesar returning to Rome. Oh, yes, the President wasn’t happy, and Secretary of State Kerry was overseas in Europe somewhere posing for pictures with bearded men, Iranians I think. But who are they compared with the darling Netanyahu!

Sadly, the majority of the members of congress proved to be spineless, gutless and shameless having attended and clapped for Netanyahu. Kerry who went on with the negotiations, and the members of congress who actually showed backbone and did not attend the speech only made the President look smaller and weaker and they themselves irrelevant. Out of the entire House of Representatives only some sixty members chose to boycott this charade. One could barely notice the empty seats of those who stayed away in support of the President and human decency.

Now, returning home to Jerusalem like a conquerer who took Washington DC by storm and disgraced the President of the United States, Netanyahu can go on to do a little campaigning in his little province, Israel. In his absence all those who compete for his job bicker and fight among themselves looking like undisciplined children while returns like a hero.

House Speaker Boehner in collusion with CNN did Mr. Netanyahu a great service. The entire event was perfectly orchestrated, the interest peaked at the right time, the speech at AIPAC as well as that in the House of Representative were heard across the land and everyone else looked pathetic. The theme, “The Iran Threat” was perfect too. Americans eat this stuff like a good TV show. You got the good guys, (All Israelis and some Americans, not including the President who Netanyahu compared to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who capitulated to Hitler in Munich before WW-2), bad guys, (the Muslims, the Arabs – but only the ones we can’t bribe – the corrupt kings and other dictators we are able bribe are ok, and John Kerry) and us, the viewers.

Iran isn’t now nor was it ever a threat. Not to Israel, not to the U.S. If this story is reminiscent of the WMD in Iraq, it is because, well, it is the same story. Like a good TV commercial, it worked once, so it is likely to work again and again. Does Iran want to play a role in the region? Of course it does. It is a big, rich country with a rich history and much to offer. But a nuclear threat? Even Israeli intelligence agencies admit this is a myth. But boy it sure sells.

What made the latest Netanyahu-fest in DC even better was this: Not a word was said about the Palestinians. Not a word! Netanyahu came out of last summer’s murderous assault on Gaza as white as snow. Not a word about the cold blooded murder of over two thousand people in Gaza last summer. Nothing about the thousands of political prisoners, the children being terrorized by Israeli terror squads or the abject poverty in which Palestinians are forced to live. But as they say in Arabic, “Kuku Kalb Biji Youmo!” Every dog will have his day, and Netanyahu’s day will come when he is put on trial for his crimes.