A Letter The NYT Didn’t Publish

September 23, 2016

To the Editor:

Re: the 9/22/16 ad from the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace, which appeared in the print issue of the New York Times.
The ad features a map of Israel/Palestine promoting the need for the Two State Solution and playing on Jewish fears of Palestinian population growth.

Racist attitudes dressed as call for peace.
Racist attitudes dressed as call for peace.

A single state with almost exclusive rights for Jewish people, Israel, was planned and executed by consecutive Israeli governments. Wanting to make the Two State Solution impossible they integrated the West Bank and today, while segregation is rampant, separation is no longer possible.
A Jewish state in mandatory Palestine cannot but infringe on the rights of the indigenous Palestinian population. One only needs to visit Palestinian towns within pre-1967 Israel – not to mention the refugee camps – to see the neglect and deprivation in which the Arab population lives. The only choice left is between apartheid and a full democracy with equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians. The latter would pave the way to peace between the two people.

Miko Peled


  1. I pray the two country revision will happen one day soon.
    It is inhuman for people to live as the Palestinians do. It is apartheid in the raw. Peace for two peoples

  2. Dear Miko. The link does not appear to work. Thank you for what you do to promote justice and peace.

    Simeon A. Sahaydachny Tenafly, NJ


  3. Dear Miko,

    Are you serious? Did you really believe that the NYT would publish this letter? They are the “numero uno” Zionist newspaper in the world. You would have had more chance if you tried Haaretz or The Jerusalem Post!

  4. Miko, this is an especially succinct and clear statement of the situation/problem and its only practical solution. Right On!

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