Moving Beyond The two State Solution

Moving Beyond Two States By Miko Peled United States envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, kicked off a visit to Israel restating the US commitment to the Road Map and the Two State Solution. However, both of these options have become irrelevant and it is time for the administration to seriously study the possibility [...]

The shooting of US citizen and peace activist Tristan Anderson by Israeli soldiers occurred just days after the 6th anniversary of the killing by Israeli forces of another American peace activist, Rachel Corey. In both cases the killing was unprovoked and intentional but no official condemnation of Israel has been made by the US. It [...]

Winning in Gaza By Miko Peled

The common wisdom regarding Israel’s latest attacks on Gaza suggests that Israel is defending itself against a vicious enemy and that all means justify the cause of security for the citizens of Israeli cities. Common wisdom dictates that the US must support the Israeli Jewish population in their effort to gain recognition and acceptance, not [...]

“Child’s Play”

This piece by Gideon Levi speaks volumes.  The attacks on Gaza are great for the Israeli army - the air-force doesn't have to deal with anti aircraft systems; the tanks don't have to fear anti tank missiles, and really the soldiers have little to fear because Gaza has no army. The fighting in Gaza is "war deluxe." Compared with previous wars, it is [...]

Thoughts on Gaza

As I sit and view the reports, photos and live videos streaming in from Gaza I find it impossible to make sense of it all.  As a boy growing up in Israel and attending a regular public school, I remember being taught the story of Abraham, the patriarch arguing with God over the decision to destroy [...]