About Amos Oz

“It is wrong to speak ill of the dead. Amos Oz, however, was not a private man, not just an individual but an icon. He thrived and benefited greatly from his image as a Zionist, a patriot, and with that, a peace-loving man, a true “dove.” Oz was the icon of the culture of the colonizer.” https://www.mintpressnews.com/manufactured-legacy-israeli-activist-amos-oz/253413/

Israeli Apartheid Constitutionalized

“JERUSALEM — After several days of rushing and intense debates, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had his wish come true. He urgently wanted to get the Nation State bill passed into law before the Knesset goes into summer recess on July 22, and for several days now the Knesset committee charged with ironing out the bill was delaying the process with long discussions. Now the law passed 62 to 55 and 2 abstentions. In an almost symbolic act of racism, the Palestinian members of the Knesset were kicked out of the chamber following the vote because of their vocal protests.”