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Miko Peled has spoken to thousands of people across the world in an effort to educate the public about the injustices being committed in historic Palestine, as well as adjacent topics concerning human rights in the Middle East. He has been invited to speak and brought his unique perspective to international and national conferences, academic seminars, book stores, faith communities, universities, libraries, coffee houses, benefit/fundraisers, book signings, and community/grassroots spaces. 

His speaking engagements have included the following topics:

  • Journey from Zionism to Palestinian Rights Defender
  • The Holy Land Foundation Five case
  • Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)
  • Repression & Censorship against Advocates for Palestinian Justice 
  • The Liberation of Palestine through a free, Democratic, non-Zionist Palestine
  • The future of Jerusalem
  • Anti-Zionism vs Anti-Semitism 
  • Human Rights Violations by the State of Israel
  • A New Paradigm for Peace in the Middle East
  • U.S. and International Complicity in the Subjugation of the Palestinian People

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