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Israeli police officers stand guard as the home of Hana al-Nakib and her four children is being demolished, in the city of Lod, February 10, 2015. The house was built with the help of family members and neighbours who donated money to help the single mother. The house was built on a family-owned land, but without permission from the Israeli authorities. Palestinian citizens of Israel can hardly attain building permits due to Israel’s discriminative criterions.  

My Visit to Lyd, Where Historical and Contemporary Zionist Oppression Meet

Palestine stretches from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean and goes right through the ancient Palestinian city of Lyd.

Israeli soldiers load ammunition onto an Armored Personal Carrier (APC) at a staging ground near the Israeli Gaza border, Friday, May 14, 2021. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov)

The Israeli Defense Forces: The Most Inept Army in the World

There is a constant argument from Zionists that the Israeli Army is “the most moral army in the world,” but there is another aspect of the IDF that is rarely discussed and that is the fact that it is inept, maybe even the most inept army in the world.

File – In this May 15, 1972 file photo, Israeli troops patrol fields around runway 26 where the Hijacked Sabena plane sits, crippled and unable to take off at Lod International Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel. When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to fill a sensitive Cabinet post recently, he turned to an old army buddy from his days in an elite commando unit. His choice for minister of civil defense, Avi Dichter, replaced another graduate of the country’s legendary Sayeret Matkal unit. As tensions heat up with Iran, Netanyahu appears to be relying too heavily some say on veterans of Matkal. Its supporters say the unit’s outsize role is a testament to the intelligent, daring and creative qualities it requires from its members. (AP Photo, File)

Suheila’s Story: The Two-Year Quest to Reclaim and Bury Her Martyred Brother’s Body

“You must keep out of our ranks all who do not belong to them, all mercenaries and skeptics, all who join the revolution for private gain.” — From the Will of Palestinian revolutionary Ali Taha

A Roman Catholic pilgrim wearing a crown of thorns covered by artificial blood stains carres the cross down the Via Dolorosa in the Old City of Jerusalem during the Good Friday procession April 1, 1988. Smaller than normal crows of Christian pilgrims took part in the procession commemorting the anniversary of Jesus’ crusifiction. (AP Photo/Aris Saris)

Why Opposing Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitic: The Christian Roots of Zionism

When Naftali Bennett, the first yarmulke-wearing Israeli prime minister, refers to the Bible to justify his claim to the Land of Israel, he is not referring to Jewish scripture but to Protestant religious doctrine.

Angry demonstrators carry pictures of Nizar Banat, an outspoken critic of the Palestinian Authority, and chant anti-PA slogans during a rally protesting his death, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Thursday, June 24, 2021. Banat who was a candidate in parliamentary elections called off earlier this year died after Palestinian security forces arrested him and beat him with batons on Thursday, his family said. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

Who Will Stand Up for Palestinian Activists? The Brutal, Tragic Murder of Nizar Banat

Blaming the PA for the death of Nizar Banat is the same as blaming the finger of the person pulling the trigger, or blaming the poison rather than those who administered the poison.


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