If you missed any of my webinars or just want to revisit them, you will find an archive below featuring the event details, video, and any further reading/resources cited by the panel.

Hosted by Miko Peled

Theatre & Film in Palestine with Saleh Bakri and Guy Elhanan

A discussion with Palestinian film and theater actor, Saleh Bakri and Israeli actor and playwright, Guy Elhanan to discuss theatre in Palestine and Israel, censorship of the arts, inequity in funding, as well as their individual careers.

How Artists Resist: Palestinian Political Cartoons

A discussion with artists, Sara Qaed, Mohammad Sabaaneh, and Carlos Latuff about the power of cartoons, Palestine’s rich history of the arts, and how each artist approaches their work.

Miko Peled and Robert Martin: One on One

A discussion with longtime friend and Australian activist, Robert Martin. From Palestine to Maradona: no topic will go untouched and no stone left unturned.

Facing Imprisonment: A Conversation with Issa Amro

A discussion with renown Palestinian human rights defender, Issa Amro, who has been the target of routine Israeli state persecution and is currently awaiting a decision by the Israeli military court which could lead to his conviction and imprisonment.

The Prospect for Change in Palestine in 2021

Highlighting the incredible work of three Palestinian activists, journalists, and organizers: Rafat Abu Aish from Al-Naqab, Baha Hilo from Bethlehem, and Khaled Farrag from Jerusalem

12 Years of Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five

A discussion with the sons and daughters of five Muslim community leaders (known as The Holy Land Foundation Five) who have faced relentless political persecution and ultimately imprisonment in what is one of the most egregious cases of domestic injustice committed in the name of America’s war on terror.

The Palestinian Refugees: Rights, Reality & Return

A discussion focused on the Palestinian right of return with the authors of the new book, Palestinian Refugees in International Law, Francesca P. Albanese and Lex Takkenberg, as well as Umar al-Ghubari of Zochrot, an NGO working towards the reconceptualization of the return.


Author and activist, Miko Peled, hosts a roundtable discussion with Chris Williamson, Asa Winstanely, and Tony Greenstein in the aftermath of Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension from UK Labour.


A discussion with two 1948 Palestinian citizens of Israel, Maisam Jaljuli and Hind Hajar Salman who are fighting for justice amidst the political realities in Israel in their respective communities.

The Trial of Julian Assange

Author and speaker, Miko Peled, for a webinar discussion on the topic of the fate of Julian Assange with a special guest panel featuring Roger Waters, John Pilger, and Ray McGovern

Should Progressives Support the Biden-Harris Ticket?

Should Progressives Support the Biden-Harris Ticket? A webinar hosted by Miko Peled and featuring four young progressive organizers, Jasmine Collins (Syracuse), Eitan Peled (San Diego), Yara Akkeh (Boston), and Annelise Friedman (Las Vegas).

Why is the Mainstream Media Silent on Palestine?

An online webinar hosted by author and activist, Miko Peled, with alternative media journalists Mnar Muhawesh Adley (MintPress News), Rania Khalek (Unauthorized Disclosures), and Anya Parampil (The Grayzone)

Gaza’s Past, Present and Future

An illuminating discussion that aims to cover Gaza’s past, present, and future from the lived experience of the Gazans, Wafaa Ali Aludaini & Ahmed Abu Artema.

Three Perspectives on Anti-Zionism

A round table discussion among friends and colleagues, Miko Peled, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, and Professor Norton Mezvinsky on the topic of how they individually came to oppose Zionism.