Theatre & Film in Palestine with Saleh Bakri and Guy Elhanan


Author and activist, Miko Peled, hosts a live event with Palestinian film and theater actor, Saleh Bakri and Israeli actor and playwright, Guy Elhanan to discuss theatre in Palestine and Israel, censorship of the arts, inequity in funding, as well as their individual careers.

This event was held live via Zoom on Friday, January 29, 2021 @ 1 PM ET • 8 PM Palestine

Guest Panel

Guy Elhanan wrote his PhD on bilingual and arabic theatre practices and teaching possibilities. He is a playwright, director, actor and lecturer who specializes in multicultural and interdisciplinary stage work, including music, mime and puppetry. Some of his work includes Mars at Sunrise, The Time that Remains, The Attack, and others.       

Saleh Bakri is a Palestinian film and theater actor. He began his career in the theater. His work includes Death and the Maiden, Salt of this Sea, When I Saw You, The Time that Remains, Wajib, and others. 


Saleh Bakri on IMDB

Guy Elhanan on IMDB

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