Should Progressives Support the Biden-Harris Ticket?


With the looming election, Americans will be faced with the choice of re-electing Donald Trump to the Presidency or electing Joe Biden to office. While the majority of the center and center-left wing of the American political spectrum could not stomach four more years of a Trump presidency, there is a split among progressives on the question of supporting the Biden/Harris ticket with their votes, advocacy, and campaigning. Author and speaker, Miko Peled, will lead a discussion with the question, “Should Progressives Support the Biden/Harris Ticket?”, along with a panel of four young progressives who are involved in grassroots and political organizing. With two of the panelists leaning towards voting for Biden and the other two choosing not to cast a vote for him, we hope to gain a sampling of where young progressives might stand come November and the nuances in their decision making. 

September 23, 2020 @ 11 AM (PT) • 2 PM (EST)

Guest Panel:
Jasmine Collins, Syracuse 
Eitan Peled, San Diego
Yara Akkeh, Boston
Annelise Friedman, Las Vegas

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