By Miko Peled In the US the Palestinian national struggle is still being ignored and though it seemed the Obama administration might bring a new outlook that has not happened. Palestinian efforts to reign Israeli in through diplomacy get no attention and once again Palestinian are left with no options. As has been the case [...]

Recognizing Israel By Miko Peled

The shooting of US citizen and peace activist Tristan Anderson by Israeli soldiers occurred just days after the 6th anniversary of the killing by Israeli forces of another American peace activist, Rachel Corey. In both cases the killing was unprovoked and intentional but no official condemnation of Israel has been made by the US. It [...]

Trip To Gaza

   Nader and I tried to get into Gaza on Nov. 25,26 and 27.  We met in Amman and then we flew to Cairo and then from there overland across Egypt and the Sinai desert to Arish and Rafah.  It was a very long, costly and trying journey but it would have been nothing had [...]

It’s Time We Visit Gaza

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one area where liberals and neo-conservatives in America find common ground. From Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton all the way to George Bush and Condoleezza Rice one and all are united in supporting Israel's assault on the Palestinian people and their land. The criticism of Jimmy Carter's book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid is [...]