Pardon me, But I’m Jewish


The racist discourse in America is alarming and often people don’t even notice when it takes place.  When the lady at the town hall meeting asked John McCain if Barak Obama was an Arab he replied: “No, no he is a decent family man.”  Where is the contradiction here?  Does Arab mean he is not a decent family man?  Well, pardon me but I am Jewish and I am over sensitive and easily offended by these things.

To the claim that Obama is an Arab, the appropriate response is: “So what.” To the question is Barak Obama a Moslem the reply ought to be: “I don’t know but who cares.”  contrary to what many people say, the holocaust was not the worst thing that happened to Jewish people, and it  is not the recurrence of the holocaust that we need to fear the most. The holocaust was the inevitable outcome of centuries of European Christian indoctrination that Jewish people are less than human. What took place in the holocaust was the natural outcome of centuries where Christians taught hate.  It is the recurrence of that trend we need to prevent so that another holocaust will never take place.

 America is poised for a tremendous opportunity this November. It is far greater than landing a man on the moon, or building this or that space gadget or discovering this or that microbe.  It is to show America that to be American you don’t have to be called Jim or George or Bob; that you don’t have to look like those white old guys who have their portraits all over the place.  No, you can be an African, or an Arab or an Asian and still be an American because the truth is that it has been this way for more than two centuries. 

But this is a formidable task.  Making the next eight years the best in America’s history will require strength and courage that are yet to be asked of Americans on Election Day.  On Election Day most of us like to go stick to our old comforts and loyalties, to find the person who looks and speaks like us or in a way that makes us feel comfortable.  We want “our guy” or the guy from “our team” to win.  We are all human and that is how humans act.  This is ok under normal circumstances

But this year the opportunity is so great that we must look beyond our usual loyalties and comforts.  This year we need to look at what America can really be like in eight years and that is a hard thing to do.  We are drawn into despair by news of an economic crisis, by fears of impending attacks by terrorists and by the possibility that our earth is on the brink of a major natural disaster. It is only natural then, that we all cling to what we know to be true that we cling to what we believe to be right and that we cover our eyes and our ears to anything that might rattle our comfort.

America has done things that no other country has done, and this includes acts of magnanimity as well as acts of great stupidity and cruelty.  This is the nature of great nations – that they have the capacity to do great things and they have the power to make colossal mistakes.   This election year presents this nation with an opportunity to show its greatness, to show its magnanimity and to show its true strength.

No one needs proof of America’s military or economic might.  Just take one look at the talented men and women who make up the armed services.  People who like me live in Coronado see these men and women daily.  I have the privilege of working with many families who have loved ones in the navy: The are the best and the brightest and they are the most dedicated people and parents one can hope to meet.  We also know that America has brilliant minds in the fields of economy and science and quite possibly every other field known to man.

Every powerful nation has good leaders and bad leaders.  Every powerful nation in the history of the world has shown greatness and has stooped down to pettiness; every powerful nation has had its time of glory and its times of shame.  The last eight years have brought this country to an unprecedented low.  It is up to us this year to determine what the next eight years be like for America.

No one knows how long it will take to build the destruction that America caused to Iraq, or how long it would take for the Iraqis to forgive America for its intervention.  From my knowledge of the people of the Middle East I would venture to say that for the most part they are magnanimous and forgiving.  Iraqis will undoubtedly rebuild their country, but the sooner America leaves the better things will be for Iraq and for the Middle East as a whole.  

The questions that Americans need to ask is how do we make sure we are not drugged and mislead into another war as we with Iraq. If the surge did or did not work is immaterial because there would have not been a need for a surge had America not destroyed the order that was there to begin with.  And the issue is not what the generals recommend that the government should or should not do, it is for the government to tell the generals what they should be doing and when.  

There are many issues the next President will need to tackle, more so than most Presidents and we would do well to make sure that the next President is the guy with the audacity to hope.  It is time for America to look beyond the color to look beyond the fear; to trust that its ok to have a first family that does not look like any first family before it.

So I say once again, pardon me, but I am Jewish. I see no contradiction between being an Arab and being a decent family man. This is one issue about which America needs to be very clear.


  1. Dear Miko,

    How are you? hope everything is fine with you and your family.

    (We met at the Wolrd’s peace forum in Vancouver in June 2006)

    Excellent article. I think you should send it to, Aljazeera english and mnay other places.

    In Solidarity fro justice and peace,

    Ali Mallah

  2. Miko
    Brilliant. Your voice should be heard by all. America is so diverse that we can overcome our differences.
    Keep up the good work.

    Sheldon Zimmerman

  3. Dear Miko

    Thank you, it needes to be said over and over again, it should be broadcast all over the USA and be made compulsorey reading in all high schools. It is time the USA changes to a civilized outlook in life. Walk good and peace to you. Keep up the effort, there ar a lot of people feeling the same as you.
    Hardy Nissen

  4. A big yes to your pointing out the racist proclivity that even liberals seem to be overcome by as they hasten to defend Obama based on his not being an Arab or a Muslim. It’s astonishing to me how ordinary that response is and that by and large the media doesn’t speak to this gross insult to whole peoples, nor does Obama show up front and center to clarify the situation. He’s a lovely guy and a smart one, and hands down the better choice for President, but he does come up short in the heroism department.

    Have a look at my blog, “Making Sense of These Times,” for the occasional posts I make how I try to cut through whatever fog we are in about our values and our worldview:

  5. Miko, Thanks a lot cousin. You hit the nail on the head. The Holocaust did not start with concentration camps, it began with hate speech and Nazi propaganda against Jews. And when the world discovered the horrors after the camps were liberated, every one asked the question: where are the good German? Sadly, it was too late. By far, yours and commentary by Campbell Brown of CNN were the only one I ran into. For that, I am grateful. Peace,Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    “If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.” Italian Peot – Dante [1265-1321]

  6. Miko, Thank you for all you do. Let’s hope that there are more of you in Israel and especially the US. If United States continues to approve unconditionally Israel’s war, killings, occupation, illegal settlements, starvation, humiliation of Palestinians, there will never be a just outcome.
    Anne-Marie Kaukonen

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