Spent a terrific weekend in DC, weather was perfect and… I Signed a book deal with Just Books Publishing. Expecting to have the book out in the spring.

With immigrant Zionist grandparents who came to reclaim the Jewish homeland and to build a state for their people, one of whom signed the Declaration of Independence (!), a father who was a war hero and a General who then decided to study Arabic, specialized in Arabic literature and paved the way to talks between Zionist Israelis and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).  Then a tragic death of a 12 year old niece.. after years of seclusion an irreversible plunge into the thick of the Israeli Palestinian issue, becoming an activist, speaker and writer to promote the creation of a new reality that will allow both people of our shared homeland to live together in… yes, P E A C E !.

In a nutshell, this is what the book is about.  I will have a few excerpts ready very soon.


  1. Hi Miko,

    I’m a 49 year old Dutch /Lebanese woman, mother and career woman. We are of the same vintage year 1961 🙂 Born in Curacao (dutch Antilles)I have spent much of my life in the western world of which 28 years now in Europe. In all my life I lived only 8 consecutive years in Lebanon… witnessed the civil war and lived it’s horror, gave birth to my daughter the day Israel invaded Lebanon june 5th 1982… Unfortunately…left me with a personal trauma called Ariel Sharon… May God forgive him and the Phalangists for what they did in Sabra and Shatila camps.
    I swore from that time that I would raise my children to be just and uphold human values. They are 28 and 23 now. I succeeded! 🙂 But honestly Miko, it hasn’t been easy… injustice is so flagrant.. Zionism is so evil, Israel is so arrogant and incorrigable … it’s pretty frustrating sometimes to keep believing in justice..
    I can go on forever and would love to discuss so much more… but I will suffice for now to say that I am so happy and grateful to you for giving me hope again.. For making me believe again that there are people in this world that still fight for justice and dignity. I will purchase your book for sure and will read it thankfully. Hopefully I will hear something from you.. if not I wish you all the best and courage to continue your mission of peace. Sincerly, Amal

    1. Dear Amal, thank you for your heartfelt note. Thank you for sharing your experience and congratulations on raising 2 fine children.

      Stay in touch,


  2. Oh Miko, what a HERO you are! Have been since I first read a couple of articles you wrote in The Palestine Chronicle.

    Bless you. I am Palestinian, 76 yrs old, born in Jerusalem. How wonderful if one day we could all meet and celebrate our joining of Humanity there. I often think “Not in my Lifetime” but who knows, with people like you , there is hope.

    Would be such an honour to shake your hand and give you a Great BIg Hug!!!

    Nadia Boustany Saba.

    1. Dear Nadia,
      Your message made my day! Thank you so much, nothing would make me happier than to meet you. Please write to my email and tell me where you live. Indeed in your life time, you deserve to see people in our shared homeland celebrate their common humanity.


  3. Miko– Just read that utterly wonderful talk you gave at SDSU. I’ll be teaching a graduate class there this fall. I take it the book isn’t out or nearly out yet. I want to review it when it is. I can’t tell you how moved I was by that talk at SDSU. I’ll send it today to a bunch of friends. I met your sister very briefly when she came to the states several years ago. Your voice is of enormous use & the more people who hear what you have to say the more quickly we (at least US progressives) will break thru those myths about Israeli democracy. I take it the book isn’t near finished yet, since I see no blurb for it on Amazon. Perhaps when it comes out the UT will be interested: I did literary reviews for them for several years until they changed ownership last year. But if not them I’ll see if other places want a review. Many many thanks, Because of your family background you will be taken seriously & can do some good in this bloodthirsty world. Gasho & hugs, Steve Kowit

    1. Thanks Steve,

      The book should be out at the end of this year, and of course a review by you would be terrific. Thanks for your great comments.

  4. American Christians are not opposed to truth in this matter, as they are products like everyone else of the information they have been taught and exposed to since many of their childhoods. It would be a shame to see this message become politicized in America, since that would become just another wedge issue, and not based on truth, but political posturing. If this is indeed based on facts and not politics, it must remain so, and given time and efforts to share this with the population at large, a solution can emerge that can be embraced on it’s merits, not on politics. Politics has screwed more ‘facts’ up than anyone would ever admit, the world over!

    I see the seeds of this already developing a ‘we vs they’ political wedge, in that those who already eschew the support of Israel, for political and psuedo ‘religious’ correctness, would presume they have the moral high ground, and therefore claim this (your, Miko’s work) as their justification. One must carefully distinguish the love of people, their God given rights, and the love of God, and what His intentions are for their rightful dwelling place on the earth.

    There can be no doubt of the rightness of mercy, human dignity, God’s grace to all mankind, for all are sinners. It behooves all of us to treat one another accordingly. If Israel is acting contemptuously regarding the rights of the Palestinians, and others, then that should be exposed no differently than any other errant body politic anywhere else.

    I have been ‘vaguely’ aware of something not being explained adequately to the general public who supports the Israeli cause, such as the issue of Zionism vs. Jewish and state’s rights. This discussion is part of the unraveling of the mysteries of this regional conflict. I welcome any and all truths, no matter where they may lead. And I believe most (not all) American Israel supporters truly desire the truth to be declared, and they will make the right decisions based thereon.

    I first heard of this on a Christian radio program, and am following up on it. This is just one example of how truth can prevail. What is God’s heart for this matter? That is what matters to me. Not politics!

    Hatred for another human being is never acceptable, no matter which side of an issue we side with. People are taught from an early age to hate another race, or nationality, or religion, or political party, or some other stereotype. Is this what God asks of us? I don’t see it! This serves the “State’s” interests, not the People.

    You don’t make evil go away by killing those who don’t agree with you!
    We are to hate evil, and oppose it, not compromising with it, but love the person. You show the better way by example, not by forcing it upon them. That would go a long way to fixing the world’s problems.

    Thank you for your courage to speak clearly, of that which burns in your heart. May God be glorified in your example.

  5. Hi Miko,
    I am a muslim from Indonesia who love peace, I hope you and your family are in good health and strong to do this job for the people.
    Best regards, Zain

  6. Dear Miko,

    I was born in Iraq in 1962, then moved to the UK 10 years later. I remember clearly the 1967 6 day war when I was in Iraq. I remember sacs being distributed by the government to every house in Baghdad, in order for us to fill with clothes that would be sent to Palestinian refugees. I remember seeing the refugee camps on Iraqi TV. Black and white images of destitute people living in make-shift tents; faces of children bare-footed, hungry and sad and the poignant music playing in the background by the TV channel. I remember asking my grandmother why we were giving away some of our clothes – some were almost new – and she said because ‘our brothers and sisters in Palestine have lost their homes.’ My grandmother would put sweets in pockets of my clothes, having folded them lovingly and packed them to be sent to Palestinian children. I would gladly have given them everything.

    At the age of 20, and while a student in the UK, I witnessed the horrors of Sabra and Shatila on UK TV. The memory of the 1967 war came back to me and I made a decision that I would spend the rest of my life campaigning for Palestinian rights. Your work and that of Iian Pappe has been inspirational and heart-warming. I have come across many Jews and Israelis who have compassion, humanity and empathy towards the Palestinians and it always gives me hope in humanity to see them going against the majority, their people, their government to fight for justice.

    People like you are precious because you are not apathetic and indifferent to the plight of other people. You are precious because you value justice above everything else. Bless you and your wonderful family, including your brave sister, and her family.

    All the best,

    Reem (also known as Maria)

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