Emil Habibi from 1985

In his short tale called Akhtia, which was published 25 years ago (hard to believe) The great Emil Habibi tells the story of an American who went to swim in the Sea of Galilee.  His car and clothes were stolen and so the Israeli police went to look for them among the Arab towns and villages in the area.  When the  clothes were not found the American suggested that the police look among the Jews. No, the police said, there is no need to look ay further because the Arab suspects confessed.

The man later grew in prominence and finally, due to his contributions to the Jewish Sate became a US Senator and then he became Secretary of State. But, Habibi writes, with the passing of time it was hard to tell which country he served as Secretary of Stae, Israel or the US…

How can one write in a manner that is both innocent and fierce? It is Emil Habibi.

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