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  1. Dear Miko, I am shocked to be suddenly open eyed by your talks. I lived my formative years in Australia and when I saw the film “The Rabbit Proof Fence” I realized the Australian Government practiced Nazism on the Aborigines – totally contradictory to what I grew up with learning in my Australian primary years schooling. From your talks I see that the Israeli Government are carrying on the practice Nazism and I was brought up in Australia with the very Zionist myths you are talking about.
    I am shocked to have such an eye opening change – and yet like you I have looked at the politics of countries owning land and saying it is theirs – and it doesn’t make sense. To have Israel lay claim to a land that hasn’t been “theirs” for 2000 years seems ridiculous. In truth, land doesn’t belong to anyone – we all need to live in peace and harmony with each other – land is a gift to us so that we can nurture it – and it nurtures us in return. No one owns it and has sole right to it!

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