1. all true, but until they can live in peace together every palestinian has the right of return and there has to be maximum reparations for dead palestinians, loss of homes and 63 years of oppression, nothing less

  2. I think only those wonderful jewish peopel with good and alive concious like Miko Peled can save Israel from self destruction. I truely wish American jews would open their eyes and brains wide to start thinking for themselves.

  3. Hi Miko,

    I posted on another thread, but my comment is still in moderation, so excuse me for the duplicate.

    I was the guy who took the pictures of you during your talk in Sydney. I want to re-iterate how inspired and moved I was by your presentation. You have an extraordinary gift and capcity to convey empathy on both sides and on all levels. When you spoke of the murder of your niece, I struggled to hold back the tears.

    Here are some of the pictures I took:


    My heart went out to you as I could see how exhausted you were, but your generosity and patience was bottomless.

    There were so many questions I wanted to ask, but 2 I am very curious to ask are:

    1. Did you father ever express his regret for pushing for the 1967 war, especially given his predictions about what would take place in the event of Israel’s occupation?

    2. I know it’s a sticky topic, but I am dying to know, did he ever discuss the USS Liberty incident? Was it a mistake, or was it intentional?

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi ANdre,

      Sorry I have not been able to reply yet. Thank you for the pictures. As for your questions:

      1. MY father never expressed regret for pushing for the war, not to my knowledge at least. I think he felt that at the moment in history and based on what he thought was the best thing for Israel it was the right thing to do. I do think that in the years after the war his actions spoke louder than any regret he may have expressed in words.
      2. No he never discussed the liberty and I had not heard of it until many years after he died, so I could not ask him either.

      Thanks again, and do keep in touch.

  4. Hi Miko,

    Hope your book will arrive to our stores very soon here in Malaysia. Being in a nation that even stamps a ban to visit Israel ( same ruling for S.A. before Mandela came as the President ) , it is tough to bring some news that there are and will be humans from any oppressor’s side that do feel the pain as the other side to the majority here . I do believe in people even with so much hatred and crimes i see everyday .

    Drop by to SEA if its possible to know peace may prevails . I had enough listening to justification from everyone saying it is futile as it has been written so in Holy Books .

    Adam Marius

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