1. Do you have any idea when you will be doing your book-promoting tour? It takes time to arrange events and many NW activists are already planing their speakers for this academic year. It takes much time to arrange events as there is great opposition to hosting speakers such as yourself.

  2. Do you realize that the video link above contains only the last one of multiple short sections of the video of your talk? If you go to Youtube, you can watch all eight numbered sections. (I’m mentioning this only because it confused me and might confuse others who don’t realize it.)

  3. We had the great pleasure of hosting Miko for a 2 week national tour of Australia in September.
    The response was amazing and we cannot thank him enough for sharing his experience and expertise with us.
    Most of all we thank him for his courage for speaking out against the inhumanity being perpetrated against the Palestinians.
    In Miko, we found a friend for life.
    Thanks Miko

  4. Miko Great effort,,,I am not technically inclined I could not hear the audio
    I hope all went well with your tour Ede and I leave Monday AM (Oct 17) to Jerusalem, will be back for Thanksgiving/ Peace, Chuck Radloff

  5. Miko,

    I simply can’t get enough of listenign to you speak. I can’t wait for your book to come out. I’ll be buying it for my wife and a number of friends. I hope it;s the first fo many.


  6. Hi Miko,

    It was a great honor to dine with you in Sydney. I quoted you in a publihsed op-ed a week later. Looking forward to your next visit, when whispering and wise voices of conscience need to be amplified. Joe Wakim

  7. Seeing people like you, who are Jewish and yet have the courage to pursue the truth wherever it takes them, is the best argument against racial intolerance I have met. Kudos – you are a healer 🙂

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