Why is it that every time a President, Vice President, Prime Minister or anyone else speaks to Jewish audiences in America they talk about the US attacking Iran. The latest such folly was Joe Biden at the at the annual convention of the Rabbinical Assembly (international body of about 1,600 Conservative rabbis) in Atlanta, Georgia. Biden said that the United States understands that the Israeli leadership sees Iran as an existential threat.

What is it about this that he understand exactly? Why does everyone think that Jewish people can’t sleep at night unless the promise of annihilating Iran is whispered in their ears?  One of the worst things that happened to American Jewish community is that they became Zionist and thus lost their Jewishness.  What issue do Jewish people in this country, or any country for that matter have with Iran that they need to constantly be told the US may bomb Iran?  Zionism has turned Jews into lackeys of the state of Israel and in the past Israel had implicated entire Jewish communities with being Zionist and in Arab Jewish communities this had disastrous effects.

One might ask the American Zionist Jewish leadership what they think will happen when Americans finally become fed up with Israel, as they became fed up with South Vietnam.  People who are old enough to remember President Gerald Ford, may remember that he promised that the US will never forsake its great ally in Southeast Asia.  And yet, in December 1974, when North Vietnamese forces invaded the province of Phuoc Long President Gerald Ford requested aid for South Vietnam in a $522 million aid package.  These funds had already been promised by the Nixon administration but Congress voted against the proposal by a wide margin. Senator Jacob Javits said “…large sums for evacuation, but not one nickel for military aid.” Today South Vietnam no longer exists.

The Iran issue is placing the Jewish community in America on the wrong side of an issue in which they should have no part.  Israel and the US are colluding to hide Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians and Iran is the smoke screen. Never mind that 74 million Iranians who hurt no one and attacked no one need to live in fear of an impending attack and suffer deprivations from sanctions imposed on them for no good reason.

The notion of an Iranian threat is as absurd as the threat of Iraq’s WMD.  Going along with Israel’s madness and placing Iran and Iranians in this predicament is shortsighted. For the American Jewish community this shortsightedness may come at a heavy price.


  1. We cannot forget that the only nuclear power in the Middle East is Israel. That alone is an existential threat to all of its neighbors. If we do not think of security as a two-way street, then a real solution will not transpire. Israel is intent on making sure that we only think in terms of its insecurity, rather than its neighbors or the region as a whole.

  2. Nor should we forget that according to respected journalist Seymour Hersh (The Samson Option), Israel threatened to exercise its nuclear option during the 1973 war (which Egypt and Syria confined entirely to their own sovereign lands under belligerent/illegal/brutal occupation by Israel) unless then US President Nixon replaced all the weaponry it had lost to Egyptian forces in the Sinai. Fearing that Israel would resort to nuclear weapons, Nixon complied and ordered a massive airlift of armaments to Israel – nuclear blackmail.

  3. The general consensus is that Israel has around 200 nuclear weapons of a fairly sophisticated design. Given that most of these will require delivery by air and that Israel does not have the land area to widely disperse its air force, many will be on hair trigger alert, ‘ready to roll’. I have often wondered what the intended targets of these very real ‘weapons of mass destruction’ would be…..and of the downstream effects of their use

  4. Indeed there is a more sinister force at play here than just committed Jews who express their existential neurosis through their support of Israel. In fact, American Jews for the most part seem to have pegged their entire identity on the Zionist cause and their support of a state whose existence must be always perceived to be “endangered” and “beleaguered” (although we know very well it’s not – quite the opposite).

    Israel at peace with its neighbors would make these people lose their identity, as it would no longer require their support and secularism and lack of interest in the Jewish religion would decimate their communities since there is no meaningful identity or definition to something called “a secular Jew”.

    So in essence the “Jewish nation”, i.e. Zionists, like all perceived nations needs an enemy and a constant state of conflict to reinforce their identity – and that is the predicament Israel is in, as these people force their own identity crisis on Israelis who for the most part are tired of wars and conflict.

  5. The only purpose of talking about attacking Iran is so that putting crippling economic sanctions seems reasonable by comparison.The end game of that good cop bad cop routine are the sanctions all along, which once put on may be lifted, because the US would havea veto against lifting them. The Iranian people then become isolted and dependent on their crazy dictators, the Iranian state becomes a source of lawlessness extremism until it fails and then a military attack on Iran becomes a mercy.

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