1. Bless you Miko!! You are a Hero to us,
    We love you and your brave sister Nurit.

  2. Every time I watch you speak Miko, I am inspired and in awe. Your optimism is heartening.

    If anyone is going to change things, it’s you.

  3. The separation of the privileged from the underclass is indeed driven by Zionism. However, this separation is very expensive. It is not cheap and easy to keep so many men under arms, so many imprisoned, develop separate infrastructure etc. Israel is massively subsidized and its “success” has been possible through exogenous subsidies both private and public (US) Subvention has also driven the corruption of politics in Israel just as money as corrupted US politics very decisively.

    Withdrawing this funding, this contribution to Zionism, would have a leveling effect on Israel and Israelis and hard times could breed sympathy between working Israelis and Palestinians. I think Peled needs to consider the funding issue as a piece of his politics. The “sizzle” of Israel is expensive and its self-serving mythology would collapse without “successes” (like the settler movement, triumph of arms etc.) to feed the myth. It is show business and show business needs “angels.”

    Peled is not correct about Iran. The Iran threat is mainly aimed at managing dissent in Israel, not primarily as a distraction. Israel runs on fear and Israeli politicians are all fear-mongers.

  4. Dear Mr Peled, I just watched your Seattle October lecture Рand I am speechless Рboulvers̩e by your clarity, exactitude, sense of justice, and absolute beauty of your message. How can we Palestinians thank you? You deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. How sad that we are so destitute Рbut you voice instills hope into our spirits. You have a special place in my heart now Рthank you.


  5. Hi Miko, I just finished your book. What a wonderful and informative work, thank you.

    Thanks also for mentioning the USS Liberty in this talk. I’ve been invited to walk with Liberty survivors in the Palm Springs Veterans Day Parade on Sunday the 11th. I ran a documentary series here in Fremont CA for six years and one of the films we showed was The Loss of Liberty. Don Pageler drove all the way from Orange County to be our speaker and another survivor, Ron Grantski came from Modesto. Fascinating to listen to their stories, but unfortunately, as you said, hardly anything is known about this shameful piece of history. Link to the series website: http://www.TriCityPerspectives.org

    A couple of weeks ago I saw the film Tears of Gaza, then came home and wrote a check to the Middle East Childrens Alliance.

    Thank you for your good work for the people of Palestine and regards to your family.

    Jane Bark Fremont CA

  6. Miko Peled, hats off to you sir! May God make you a reason for change of Palestine. May justice prevail for all.

  7. I’ve just heard Miko’s interview on RT today. For the son of a Jew (me) it was inspiring…but I was disappointed not to hear him explicitly refute a two state solution.
    The fundamental problem is that both Muslims and Jews claim the same land. The answer to this problem is not to;
    illegally occupy land in defiance of UN resolutions,
    create an open prison in Gaza,
    illegally bomb Gaza,
    execute extra-judicial assassinations,
    institute Zionist apartheid,
    atomise the West Bank with walls and illegal settlements.
    Such unacceptable and violent injustices simply create more frustration and anger. The more that political solutions are frustrated, the more that, equally unacceptable, violence will be the response. The more the West supports these injustices, the more likely the West is to be targeted by violent attacks.

    I defend the right of Jews to exist peacefully but leaders on both sides have got to look to the future not to the past. A SINGLE, SECULAR state is the sole sustainable solution. Roll on ‘New Jerusalem’; place of peace.

  8. Mr. Peled

    Thirty five years ago I visited the Eretz for the first time and have been back 40 more times. I have many Israeli AND Palestinian friends.

    When I first visited I did so as an American Evangelical Christian who like 80% feel that Israel can do no wrong (and even if it does) the support must still come. To not do so would have me flapping in the wings, a doctrinal heretic!

    It took about 10 visits before I began to have questions. In addition to a re-interpretation of Bible verses which were used to support Israel, I also saw things and experienced things which were troubling to me as an active practising Christian. Didn’t our Lord say that blessed are those who are peacemakers? Didn’t our Lord attack those who wanted an earthly kingdom like none?

    And, yet, here we (American Evangelical Christians) were actually doing the opposite. Rather than working for peace and reconciliation we were contributing to division and only increasing the chasm which already existed between the two people. We were doing exactly what our Lord told us not to do.

    In addition to my re-interpretation of Biblical passages which was the catalyst to it all, I felt the entire “Right of Return” was quite unfair. I do need to extrapolate since you did it so well in your presentation. I do not blame the Palestinian for wanting this and, in speaking, with many Palestinians I feel this IS the real issue.

    My question is – What would the end game look like if the right of return is granted to the Palestinians?

    I also am also 100% in agreement with you that a 1 state solution which grants equal rights for all AND based on secular laws (i.e. devoid of Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious influence) is the only way to go.You nailed it!

    You are righteous person amongst your own. Todah rabbah.

  9. Is there a way to get to written files of your speech ? It could be good as a references tool, and easier to understand for people who want to go deeply in your thought. And why not doing this for all your intervention ?

    Thanks a lot,

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