Israel’s Invasion of US Justice, By Miko Peled


In an interview on Sixty Minutes with Bob Simon, Israel’s ambassador to the US Michael Oren made a chilling remark, the significance of which must not be overlooked. The interview was shown at the end of a report by Bob Simon on the situation of Christians in the Holy Land.  Apparently when the ambassador heard about the report being made he called the Chairman of CBS and complained that his sources told him the report was going to be a “hatchet job.” At the end of the report Simon said to the Ambassador that he had never had anyone react to a story before it was even aired and before anyone had a chance to view it. The Israeli ambassador seemed taken aback for a second or two, but then he collected himself, and replied: “Well Bob, there’s a first time for everything.”

Israeli influence on American life and politics is not new and it has been well documented.  From American politics to economic issues, to issues of foreign policy and national security Israel’s influence has shown its marks everywhere. Now, Israel’s influence has infiltrated the “holy of holies” of American democracy, the judicial system. As the ambassador said, “There is a first time for everything.”
The case of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF)is one in which five Palestinian American Muslims were convicted and sentenced in a US court to decades behind bars based on questionable testimony by two anonymous Israeli intelligence officers. This case demonstrates the invasive nature of Israeli influence on American courts.  The HLF, at one time the largest Muslim charity in the US was accused of providing “material support to Hamas,” a bewildering accusation to say the least. HLF provided much needed charity to Palestinians by raising funds to provide orphans and widows with food packages, school supplies, scholarships and small stipends. They also contributed to building libraries and hospitals in the West Bank and Gaza.
Israeli authorities began a campaign against HLF in the 1990’s and their agents in the US, namely the ADL began its campaign against the HLF in 1993. The Israeli authorities closed down the HLF office in Jerusalem and arrested the local director, a Palestinian from Jerusalem.  He was interrogated by the Israeli police, and the internal security service (Shabak). He was asked repeatedly if the organization has ties to Hamas and if moneys were given particularly to orphans whose fathers were members of Hamas. He repeatedly claimed that HLF was not affiliated to Hamas, and that all recipients had to go through the same screening process by social workers who determined if they qualified for aid. He showed that HLF did not in any way favor the orphans of Hamas or any other political or religious group.
With Mufid Abdulqader in federal prison, Terre Haute, Indiana
With Mufid Abdulqader in federal prison, Terre Haute, Indiana
Israel skillfully manipulated the anti Arab and anti Muslim hysteria that took hold over America post 9/11 to pursue its campaign against HLF in the US.  And indeed in 2002 the WSJ quoted Presidnet George Bush, who gladly served Israeli interests in this regard saying:
“The facts are clear,” Mr. Bush declared. “The terrorists benefit from the Holy Land Foundation, and we’re not going to allow it. … Money raised by the Holy Land Foundation is used by Hamas to support schools and indoctrinate children to grow up into suicide bombers [and] to recruit suicide bombers and support their families.”
None of the things Bush said constitute clear facts, nor were they true.
Still, the Holy Land Foundation offices were placed under watch by the FBI, its main officers’ phones were tapped, their meetings recorded and a case was built against them. In 2007 a trial took place ending in an acquittal on most counts but the jury remained hung on a few of the charges. The judge declared a mistrial and a year later, in 2008, convictions with unprecedented long sentenced were meted out to the defendants.  One juror said: “If they had been a Christian or Jewish group, I don’t think [prosecutors] would have brought charges against them.”

The justice department congratulated itself on a job well done in a piece on the FBI website declaring that this was the largest terrorism financing prosecution in US history.

The Israeli Internal Security Service, the Shabak, posted on its website that one of two Israelis that testified in the HLF trial that brought town a terror financing organization, was an employee of the Shabak and that his testimony played a crucial role in the bringing convictions.

In 2009 officers and volunteers of HLF, who became known as the HLF 5 were given unprecedented sentences for “funneling $12 million to Hamas.” $12 million is a laughable amount that only serves to demonstrate the absurdity of the accusations and the modesty of the HLF operations. In a discussion I had in Jerusalem where I described the jail sentences the HLF 5 received I got looks of disbelief.  One Muslim leader who was present and was familiar with the HLF and with Hamas finally commented: “HLF was so small, how can anyone think it had any impact on Hamas?” Indeed.

In an affidavit prepared by Israeli attorney Lea Tsemel it was made clear that Israeli security officers regularly lie in court in order to get convictions. In an interview to Israeli press, retired chief interrogator of the Shabak admitted this too. “The security officers know that an Israeli judge will always believe their testimony over that of an Arab.” he said. Now this is true of judges in the US as well. As the ambassador said: “There is a first time for everything.”

After being found guilty in the second trial, Mufid Aabdulkader, Shukri Abu Baker, Ghassan Elashi, Mohammad El Mezaine and Abdulrahman Odeh were immediately sent to Federal prison in Seagoville, Texas (this was November 24, 2008).  Judge Jorge A. Solis who  presided would not let them stay out until sentencing.  He told all defendants they had 5 minutes to say goodbye to their families.  “The judge said we would have to choose 3 people from each family to say goodbye, because there were too many people.  I let my three daughters say goodbye, so I did not even get to tell Mufid goodbye.  It would not have taken that long if the judge had let us all say goodbye, perhaps 10 minutes.” Diana Abdukader, Mufid’s wife told me.

Sentencing took place on May 27, 2009.  The prosecution tried to have the five men moved immediately to CMUs, (communication Management Units, also called “Guantanamo North) but the families fought to have them stay at Seagoville where they could be close to their families.  They were successful at keeping them there until April 22, 2010, when all but one were moved to the CMUs in Marion, Illinois and Terre Haute, Indiana.  Abdulrahman Odeh, went to general population prison at FCI Victorville in Adelanto, CA.  Mufid and Ghassan were sent to Marion CMU, while Mohammad El-Mezzeine and Shukri Abu Baker were sent to the CMU in Terre Haute Indiana.
With Abdulrahman Odeh in Federal Prison, Beaumont, Texas
With Abdulrahman Odeh in Federal Prison, Beaumont, Texas
Israel is on a mission to destroy Palestine and its people, and as part of that mission Israel holds thousands of Palestinian political prisoners in its jails.  This is not new nor should it come as any surprise to anyone. But the Israeli invasion of US politics, media, national security and foreign policy all started at a point when someone said, “There is a first time for everything.”  The entire story of the HLF-5 will be published in book I mean to publish in 2017.
Miko Peled


  1. Supposing what they have claimed was right, is it ethically right to punish a child because his father was a criminal? what twisted minds in the US and Israel are in control of decision making. Besides, if offering aid to a terrorist is a criminal act, USA has been the greatest criminal of all since it is offering its financial aid to Israel which is known for its terrorism and attacks on Palestinian civilians inside Palestine and across the borders in south Lebanon, besides practising discrimination on every level based on faith. What stupid double standards USA has been playing, thinking that the international community does not realise its bias.

  2. Americans are allowed to send money to the IDF which terrorizes the entire ME but not to Hamas. Why? Because Israel doesn’t want Americans to support the legitimate government of Gaza. That’s why. Israel. This is Israel’s doing and should be undone on that basis entirely. How I loathe those creepy creeps.

  3. Miko- Thank you for posting this deeply troubling article. Many Americans were led to believe the DOJ claims, and unaware of this serious denial of justice when, and and after, the case was being prosecuted and reported in the media. This article is a strong call for justice finally to be done and the convictions overturned in a retrial and/or through a Presidential pardon. This also merits an investigation of the judge- Judge Solis- and the DOJ prosecutors, as well as a castigation of the media, especially papers like the NY Times and Washington Post, and a reprinting of this article on many onlines sites including, Consortium News, Information Clearing House (ICH), Op-ed News, Counterpunch, Tom Dispatch, Global Research, Alternet, LobeLog,, Truthdig, and others. I hope you will allow it to be cross published and consider contacting those or other journals in this regard, and that you will also send it to President Obama, AG Holder, Secretary of State nominee John Kerry, and all members of the Senate and House.

  4. Dear Miko,

    I am waiting the contract from Helena Cobban, and I hope your book will appear in Argentina.

    And also I agree with the publisher of your sister Nurit, to publish her book. I am waiting to sign the contract.

    Happy New Year.


    Saad Chedid


  5. It is said that in the Knesset Ariel Sharon, in response to Shimon Peres, once said that Israel controls America. Even if he didn’t say it, it appears to be true; Israel receives billions of dollars from the US and uses the US as its proxy to fight its propaganda and military wars.

    When are American citizens going to wake up and see how they are being used to prop up a regime which will ultimately fail because of its repressive and insular policies. Zionism is slowly destroying Israel and it needs no assistance from elsewhere. It is now dawning on people that Israel’s Zionist policies have created anything but a democratic system as they claim, instead, Israel is becoming more and more like the old South Africa and storing up massive problems for itself and the rest of the world.

  6. Hello Miko Peled

    I am not sure if you still remember me. I sent you a fb mesg last month and still awaiting for your reply.

    Thank You Fouzia

    Sent from my iPhone

  7. Thanks Miko for a very well done report. But outrageous, sad and depressing as well! I emailed your piece to all my contact list but clearly nothing is enough till these victims are released.

  8. A great informative report.
    But very depressing. Is this the so called nation, who talks about Freedom and democracy. Human rights, while they are doing nothing else but cause destruction all over the world, human rights abuse at home and abroad. Not honoring international law.
    It looks like they feel they can do what ever they so desire and being held accountable.
    Where is this country going?
    And the people are ignorant to the facts. Behaving like sheep.
    As long as it does not affect them personally they don’t seem to care.

  9. Judge Solis was appointed because he is Jewish and thinks people who are not Jewish were put on earth to be slaves to Jews. Zionists like him give Jews a bad name, the way the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan gives white Protestants a bad name.

  10. I just saw your video on youtube and I thought it was powerful. I’m Kamran . I live in the Washington D.C. area, and if you ever come to my town please do let me know, I would love to sit down and have some tea with if possible. My email is Your book is added to my cart on Amazon, can’t wait to read it.

    Best regards,
    Kamran H.

  11. Hi Miko Peled,
    Thank you so much for your book “the Generals Son”. I went to Israel/Palestine in 93 and became aware of the Palestinian plight after meeting a young Palestinian (who had already spent time in an Israeli prison for writing children’s books about the plight of Palestinian children) in a hostel in Jerusalem. He took a group of us to a refugee camp in Bethlehem. We got to hear the people’s stories and how they lived under Israeli control. He opened our eyes. And your book has opened them further. Please let me know if there are ways I can help, besides talking about the situation with people and sharing your book around. Kind regards.

  12. Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed!
    Very helpful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info much.
    I was seeking this particular information for a long time.
    Thank you and best of luck.

  13. This is so tragic, everyone is able to aid Israel without any consequences, however, helping Palestinians is considered a crime.

  14. What a horrible experience those innocent people have to endure. May Alllah help the oppressed Palestinians and stop the barbaric racists rezime of zionist Israel. Amen.

    1. It is true that the HolyLand thing is a travesty of justice. Peled insists that this is yet another sign of the influence wielded by “Israelis” or “Israel” rather than identifying the culprits as “Zionists” or “Jews”. Indeed, “Zionists” covers the ground much better as the people pulling these strings are not necessarily Israelis but rather Americans who support Israel. So, Miko, stop obscuring this matter. American Jews are using their positions and influence to sully media, education and now justice.
      Stop pretending this is a malign FOREIGN interest. Zionism is not a foreign interest for American Jews.

      So, let’s straighten out the language. “Israelis” are not killing and tormenting Palestinians in the ME. There is no such nationality recognized in Israel. It is “Jews”. Ok. So, Jews are killing and tormenting…etc. I can accept this because it is true. When Jews convey the CBS show to Michael Oren, Israel’s Ambassador, they are conveying it to a foreign state but to another Jew, another Zionist.

      A pic of an IDF soldier leading away a Palestinian kid is captioned today: “Israeli military arrest a troublemaker” Or rock thrower etc. The truth is that this is a pic of a Jews arresting a (what else now that we have “Jew” as a nationality) gentile.” What’s wrong with identifying “Jews” as the culprits? It applies better by covering Jews anywhere in the world, Israel or whatever. Then instead of “Israeli Air Force pounds suspected terrorist targets” we have “Jewish Air Force pounds suspected gentile targets.”

      Let’s face it: “Jews are killing gentiles in the ME.” This locution is every bit as accurate as “Americans are killing Vietnamese in North Viet Nam” was, at one time.

      So let’s face it. Zionism is not the doing of a small subset of Jewish people. It is the handiwork of world Jewry generally, including those who support the project directly and those who fail to interfere with the project. The Jewish people are guilty of the crimes of Israel and it is the Jewish people who must stop the slaughter and make sizable reparations.

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