Final Words on Sharon By Miko Peled

Sharon pic

Ariel Sharon, visit to the Temple Mount, October, 2000

I never understood how people could rejoice at the news of a person’s death. I happened to be in the UK when Margaret Thatcher died so I witnessed the celebrations. The expressions of joy as the news of the Iron Lady’s death spread around the country shocked me at first, as people were actually throwing parties to celebrate her death. As I visited different parts of the country, particularly Wales and Ireland, it occurred to me that when Ariel Sharon dies we may see similar outbursts of joy taking place.

Sharon has been in a coma since January 2006 when he suffered several brain hemorrhages that left him in a vegetative state. But now there is news that his kidneys are failing and concerns are expressed in Israel that there is a chance he will die soon.

One can imagine the long eulogies we will have to endure once he is laid to rest: “A hero,” “a great leader,” “a military genius,” all of this will be said and more. The press will recount every military achievement, ever battle he won, every enemy, both military and political that he defeated. His resolve as Israel’s leader will be heralded, and, we will be told, he will be remembered for giving his all to his country.

In my book, The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine, I mention Sharon several times, in his capacity as a military man who was cruel, brilliant and reckless, then as defense minister and finally as prime minister. But it is important to set the record straight about this man before the nauseating outpour of condolences, replete with hypocrisy and lies, that are sure to follow his death.

Ariel Sharon was an ambitious man. He was brutal, greedy, uncompromising and dishonest. He possessed an insatiable appetite for power, glory and fortune. His tendencies as a cold-blooded, merciless killer were evident from early on in his career when he commanded the Israeli army’s Unit 101 in the 1950’s. Unit 101 was an infamous commando brigade with special license to kill and terrorize Palestinians. It operated mostly in Gaza, but also in other parts of the country and beyond. Unit 101 was so brutal in its practices, and claimed so many innocent lives, that even by Israeli standards it was thought to have gone too far and the unit was eventually disbanded.

Sharon went on to be promoted to other commands in the Israeli army earning a name for himself as a promising commander and all were expecting that he would one day be the Israeli army’s top commander, or Chief of Staff. But this was one job he never got, he did better. Sharon entered politics and was nominated to be Defense Minister under Prime Minister Menachem Begin. In that capacity he lead Israel’s catastrophic invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

This invasion left countless Lebanese and Palestinians dead, wounded and displaced. Sharon was also behind the massacres that took place in September of that year in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps near Beirut, and here once again, even by Israeli standards Sharon had gone too far and was removed from office.

Though Sharon was reprimanded for his role in the Sabra and Shatila massacre, and was prevented from serving as defense minister, his political career continued nevertheless and his sphere of influence grew. As minster of Housing and Development he contributed more than any other to the racist, anti Palestinian policies and the corruption within the ministry. It is claimed that during his tenure the ministry’s budget was without limits, exceeding Israel’s entire defense budget. He used his full weight to achieve the colonization and displacement Palestinians from what used to be the West Bank.

Surely the most absurd thing ever said about Sharon, is that he was a man of peace. That he “left” Gaza and that he “gave” Gaza back to the Palestinians. That he did it for peace and in return all Israel received were rockets fired from Gaza. The Israeli disengagement from Gaza was a cynical, unilateral move. It allowed Sharon to get the Israeli settlers in Gaza out of his way, close Gaza like a prison and score a few political points with the US administration. It was a cruel move that allowed him to further suffocate the people of Gaza, people that he was determined to destroy from early on in his violent career. But the proud Palestinians would not surrender and served as a constant reminder of the blood with which his hands are stained.

One could go on and on about Sharon and his crimes. As he lay dying, perhaps within days or minutes of his final breath, we must all remember his victims, the countless dead, wounded and displaced and remind the world that this man was not a hero but a criminal.

As I write these words Ariel Sharon is still alive, if one can call it that, and in many ways the state in which he lives now could be the hell he so richly deserves.


  1. Thank you, Miko, for writing and sharing this. Last evening my wife, Aiko, and I watched a documentary on Israel and Gaza by Japanese journalist Akira Ikegami that showed so many of the things you write about and know. Powerful, disturbing, and I wish it could be shown on American TV. Ariel Sharon was a brute. He has lived his last years in a living Hell, which sounds like it is ending. It will be interesting to see how many people celebrate his death.

  2. Thanks for posting, Miko. If only the world understood this man better. Yes, the condolences to be expressed by the leaders of the US (and the fawning by the entire Congress) will truly be nauseating.

  3. No way in the World people with common sense can be stupid !!!
    If some one inside himself knows that this man is a criminal who committed war crimes and deserve punishment , but he is defending him as a hero, I call that dishonesty .

    But if you firmly believe that he is a hero and deserves the respect inside and outside , then this is what I call ignorance , lacking knowledge of facts, our human heart .
    Let us not fool our selves , This man will go in the history of the world as a criminal as ever , with more crimes on the horizon by people that he left behind him to protect and continue a racist and apartheid state , read ex president carter book !!!

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creatorwith certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

  4. Milo I enjoy reason your work when is te next time you are speaking in Israel? I’d like to hear you speak

  5. I do not practice hatred, for this would mirror this monster. But I will reserve a deep contempt for this NaZionist war criminal, Ariel Sharon. I am sure there is no afterlife, but if a hell were to exist, he would meet his soul brothers, Adolph, Heinrich, Herman, Joseph, and so many more, there.

  6. Well said! When you refer to Ireland while ‘travelling around the country’ however, you propagate a Thatcherite and Sharron perspective re. territory and ownership. Northern Ireland (i.e. six counties) is the only part of Ireland that is in the UK. The rest of Ireland (i.e. the remaining 4/5) is a Republic and a separate country! Irish independence was hard fought following 700 years of occupation and oppression by the English. Much like what is happening in Palestine today. Having won Independence and finally becoming a Republic in 1949, it’s difficult to still see this hard-won battle go unacknowledged! Could I therefore ask that if you are referring to Northern Ireland, that you specify this?

  7. Thank you for a more detailed reminder of just a handful of this mans crimes against humanity. I for one will not be one of those celebrating his death, however I will take that moment to cry for his victims instead. This surely will not be available in the mainstream media and your blog should be shared for the world to learn the contorted truth behind this smokescreen that is being shoved in our throats as facts!

  8. when i hear the name Ariel Sharon , first thing comes to my mind is the Sabra and Shatila massacre i will never forget what i have seen on T V at that time , as far as i am concerned that evil can rot in hell

  9. Prior to his death, he made half the change to peace, renouncing the viability of annexation, declaring that annexation was a dead end.

    He never shifted to desiring good relations with a healthy egood neighbor as a means of israeli security.

    He certainly never proceeded to heal injustices that Palestinians experienced.

    He never revised his understanding of the virtue of Zionism, but did revise one significant element of its form. His application of that revision was an example of carelessly implemented adventurism rather his careful.

  10. Thank you for the informative article however you’ve just scratched the surface. This demon has single handedly tortured and murdered so many Palestinians he was nicknamed the “bulldozer”. I for one would like to see him “live” another 15 years in this torturous state. God bless you Miko.

  11. One should not wish death upon anyone, now i say Death will free him from the torture, agony and suffering he is experiencing. For that i don’t wish Death upon him…….the LORD above will Judge us all.

  12. all i can say is he was a coward, most of israilis are,killing poor palestenians will soon come back to them,every side has his days

  13. Thanks Miko for reminding me again of the truth. There will be little of that in the Western Press in the coming days.

  14. Thank you for sharing. Definitely insightful.
    I pray for his soul- for the forgiveness of his sins and for those whose families he killed to forgive him as well.

  15. Sharon was a great hero of Israel, and saved the country from his enemies.
    The only thing we can blame him for is that he left Gaza, gave it to the Arabs, and caused the death of many Israelis.
    That’s why he’s been punished since then.
    Nobody wants him, nor death nor life.
    He’s in a no man’s land.

    1. I’m afraid you are deluded Ilan, Sharon didn’t leave Gaza, he merely moved the guards from the inside of the prison to the outside so that he could steal land elsewhere. Neither did he give Gaza to the Arabs because it was not his in the first place to give to anyone.

      When are people going to learn that characters such as Sharon only ever bring death and destuction to those on both sides of a dispute?

      Sharon was a bully and a thug and one of the reasons for the continuing troubles in the Middle East and other parts of the world; he will rembered with ignominy by all but the bigots.

  16. Ilan,

    He gave back to Gaza what belongs to the Palestinians… And this was just the beginning. There is still more land to be had from so-called Israel, land that was stolen from the Palestinians and continue to be so by the Israeli occupation.

    The deaths of the Israelis as you claim is Israeli inflicted and made. If a thief comes to your home wouldn’t you chase them away even if that means killing them? That’s what the occupation forces did; they went to a land that does not belong to them and stole it from its inhabitants. It would have been silly for those Palestinians not to defend their lands. Those dead Israelis happened to be in the wrong place for all unlawful reasons.
    Sharon is notorious for his bloodthirsty nature. He murdered Palestinians in Palestine, Lebanon and elsewhere in the world. The souls of those killed will ceaselessly haunt those who had done them injustice for 65 years.

    And now Sharon is paying the price… He has been doing so for 6 years… May he remain in his vegetating state another 6 years from now.

    Remember what goes around comes around.

  17. If you believe in Karma, he is receiving it; as well as the long list of crimes,Sharon used to brag about his ranch in the :Gaza area,land which he robbed from the good Palestinian Dr. Izzeldin Abulehaish. Of course the crimes against humanity are continuing, asI have heard you speak and read your excellent book. We have choices, either say nothing or speak up and take action, which I have done by joining Justice for Palestinian groups, writing politcians,and speaking on a panel about the unjust water distribution to the Palestinians. Keep up the good work, Miko! miriam meir.

  18. Sharon was a great leader and humanist, although being a General. Miko’s father was also a butcher according to Miko’s moral standard. By his standard Arafat and Hannieh are considers angels of Allah. Such distorted moral those lefty lunatic Useful Idiots have!!!!!

  19. This criminal will go to hell and as far as i know he just tasted what is waiting for him,he was in koma since 2006 and hope all the women and kids in PALESTINE whom he killed will rest in PEACE and no CRIME goes unpunish.To the rest of criminals who are stealing LAND everyday from poor PALESTINES should know one thing only,they are all going to PAY for there crimes in one way or another.They might think there above all LAWS but that is where they are wrong. Best example is the FAT CRIMINAL was in fact as vegetable for over 7 years.What goes arround comes arround.BURN in HELL all you jewish criminals.

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  21. One fact most do not realise is that longetivity of material life is the “gift” given to the malevolent. This is because any entity, be He benevolent or Benevolence’s Absence, malevolent, who takes material birth will be under the “influence” of The Material. As such, for the malevolent, neutering them via a physical “coma” is a very efficient way to keeping check on Malevolence, His Tentacles, Their Tag-Alongs, and other Ding Dong Merrily on Highs. Pity thos particular creature had returned to his realm to plot and plan for a reprisal via another humanised birth no less. So ends another Christmasy tale if only because The New Year is now upon us.

    It is benevolent to realise that there is no such thing as “death” for The Stone Dead other than trying to create as many replicants as possible. If true, the question then is, “How come so many of them end up in ‘Israel’?” Truly another mystery of The Material Cosmos which needs “discovering”.

  22. Ariel Sharon was like three Pashas (Jamal,Talat, Anwar) those who
    butchered innocent Armenian Artful Dedicated Race

    When the Arab poet, Assad Rustom, who lived in Washington, USA, heard that his friends were hanged in May 6, 1916, he wrote the famous poem, sharply criticizing, insulting Jamal Pasha the butcher (Arab called him “saffah”; butcher: slayer)

    The Sons of Turks You are Never Muslims
    Your name means beauty
    But you’re awfully ugly
    Your tongue and palms are fully dirty.
    You are senseless, criminals full of sins
    You have no spirit, no clean soul,
    Deficient of manhood humanity.”

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