1. Miko, You’re wonderful & a joy to watch & listen to. The 2 brief shots that showed your niece were heartbreaking. I will pass this video on to friends.

  2. Dear Mr Peled, Thank you for posting this most interesting video. I have studied you book in detail; it was a revelation. The 6 day war is for ever etched in my mind; it the year I started my university education. My father was ecstatic with devastation caused to the foes of Israel. He explained that the Jews really are the Chosen People; Biblical David and Goliath. (We always prayed for forgiveness redemption fro the Jewish Nation on Easter Sunday, he was a complicated man!! ) But, on a more serious note; my father was very knowledgeable and when a series, “The Valliant Years,” was Shown on B.B,C. television, it was all about W.W.2 , Hitler, the Nazi power in Germany and Winston Churchill’s determination to smash the Third Reich. He explained to me the meaning of this new word,” anti Semitism,” which together with the film of emaciated bodies being pushed with a bulldozer into massive graves disturbed very deeply; I was 12years old. We were supporter of the State of Israel and considered the other inhabitants of Israel/Palestine to little better than savages; rather like the ones depicted in the film, ” Lawrence of Arabia.” You together with other fair-minded individuals will make a difference, your Father comes across as a modern day prophet. You are prepared to accept that history is without doubt written by the victors, that notwithstanding you seek truth and reach out to others. Nelson Mandela was an inspiration to the word. In place of hatred he chose reconciliation, and even the most hardened right-wingers became influenced by his example. The most lasting influence from you book, is the incredible humanity demonstrated by your sister Nurit and her husband facing the devastation following the loss of their daughter Smada in an outrageous suicide attach; their compassion towards young men left without hope or purpose. They showed understanding rather than hatred towards them and had no interest in seeking revenge; quite humbling actually. I want to send a small cheque £100 to help with your wheelchair charity, with the knowledge that indigenous people of Palestine and Israeli victims will benefit equally. I wish you and your family every success . Kind regards, David Ferrier. P.S. how can I transfer money? Date: Thu, 1 May 2014 21:06:10 +0000 To: davidferrier1@live.co.uk

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