1. Dear Miko,
    Two thousand years ago or so, Yeshouah (called YESHU by the Jews-for: “Yimmah Shmo Vezikhro”) told the Jews that they are the sons of Satan, the masters of lie (St John Gospel, chapter 8) and that the kingdom (and thus “the promise”) will be taken from them and given to another people who will give good fruits.
    These assertions alone suffice to proof that he is the Mashiah (but He did so much more). No need to wait for somebody else. No reason to hesitate and interrogate oneself.
    The savagery of the attacks on Gaza can only be inspired by Satan himself. The Jewish people is damned, dedicated to the devil, until the day he learns to really love God and follow the path of truth, justice, love and respect of other human being.
    Best regards. Claude Misrahi
    An ex-Israeli, French citizen, ex-“Jew”, now Catholic, who fought for Israel in 1967. I will be glad to meet you in a near future.

  2. Dear Miko Peled congratulation on your ability to speak clearly and convincingly without exaggeration nor emotional seen I love your videos , well-done indeed regards Dr Mahmoud Al Farekh Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 22:27:18 +0000 To: reem6116@hotmail.com

  3. When are US leaders going to wake up and see that the Israeli leader is a war monger. Him and his elk are continually telling the US “how close Iran is ” to making nuclear weapons, and that they should not forgo the option of bombing them. This shows a tendency to violence, and the inability to actually discuss things in a manner becoming of a leader

  4. It is being continually related on Fox News that the Hamas political platform calls for the destruction of the Jewish people, as well as Israel.  As far as I know of,  no Hamas representative has appeared on the Fox Network.   What is the veracity of the above contention re: extermination?   Sincerely,   Frank P. Mintz,   a reader 8-4

  5. When are the governments of the free world going to realise that they are
    supporting a violent repressive regime which is Israel, all under the guise
    of democracy. As a British Citizen I am disgusted at my government for
    supplying Israel with military hardware. This supply to Israel must stop &
    an end to the suffering of the Palistinian People.

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