1. When Germans were committing genocide global media stayed quiet for a long time, so we see history repeating itself now. By the time media begin to have a conscience, too may people would have perished. Glad you have the moral courage to speak out along with few other Jews.

  2. Europe is busy with the downing of the Malaysian aircraft.
    Too many people are not interested or just don’t care, too many people in the USA have a hard time making ends meet.
    And western governments are too chicken to confront Israel.
    It is disgusting.
    Harry Reid had the gall to ask for more money for Israel.
    These warmongering idiots, do they say anything of the bombing of Kiev into east Oekranie.

  3. Miko, not one of the 4 links you sent out today worked. This seems strange because the ads on the same page worked. Could it be that someone doesn’t want your voice heard???

  4. Miko Peled tells the terrible truth more clearly, fully, intelligently and articulately than anyone else I know. This video should be seen by everyone in the world who wishes to know the truth about Israel. He should be nominated for and win the Nobel Peace Prize.

  5. Read Thomas Pains books on The rights of man and The age of reason. The the three satanic energies that we have to delete from our worldy thinking are Politics,religion and big business. We have to teach children all over the world that no one wins wars ,that when you fight others you are fighting youselves. Any more info on the WISDOM teaching let me know my friend. Love to all Peter.

  6. The more I listen to Miko Peled the more I admire his bravery. The oppressed Palestinian people are lucky to have such a brave advocate as their ambassador to the world.
    It takes a special kind of a superb human being to wrench oneself free from the shackles of indoctrination and the blind sesnse of belonging to a privileged group.

    Fight on Mico. Millions admire your sincere effort to free your people, the Jewish people.

    Mohammed A Hegazi

  7. 3 years ago my son married a young women who grew up on the West Bank. We were happy to travel to Israel and then to Palestine to attend the event at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. They have since moved to the US.

    An acquaintance who is an Orthodox Jew in America wished me safe travels when we left for the wedding. She also said “By the way, you keep saying you are going to Palestine- just remember, Palestine doesn’t exist!” I got the chills, and still do when I think of this racist statement. How do you achieve ethnic cleansing? You pretend people don’t exist, that the land they have lived on for years is not theirs, and that they do not deserve to live ( and use their hatred of you as justification for annihilating them).

    What we saw in Palestine was shocking- a story not told in America by many. We were not well treated by Israeli border guards and most especially by security in Tel Aviv when we left.

    I now have a beautiful half-Palestinian granddaughter. If she were in her mother’s homeland, she could be dead by now.

    How do we convince the people sending rockets to Israel that it is not working and only justifies in the press the brutality they are experiencing?

  8. Wow!!!! This was the most enlightening and motivating speech I have ever listened to. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to this horrible situation. My nephew received his masters recently and got a job teaching his favorite subject…..History….. He was one of the first people I sent this to. I will talk about this situation anytime I have a chance….. And I promise I will boycott any items and business coming out of Israel. It’s too bad our government financially supports this violence. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!

  9. Dear Mr. Peled

    I am a Palestinian refugee University lecturer in Lebanon…I come from Acre…my grandfather and father were kicked out in 1948…I would like to express my admiration for your courage and honesty. Why can’t Jews be convinced to support reconciliation with PALESTINIANS on the basis of acknowledgement of facts…and making reparations? Especially since this proposed reconciliation comes at the expense of the Palestinians whatever reparations are made. Because nothing can bring back our destroyed PALESTINIAN lives…so why can’t we establish an Israeli Jewish political party calling for the establishment of one PALESTINIAN state where Jews can live and prosper along with PALESTINIANS…after reparations have been made? This is in line with the interests of Jews around the world.

    1. Dear Samy,
      A new party is an excellent idea, but the desired result is far fetched. Miko would be the first to tell you that Zionist Jews are so indoctrinated about their uniqueness and supremacy that they would not be amenable to such logical solutions.

  10. Dear Mr Peterson,
    You are one of the very few Jews who can see that Zionism has done more damage to Jews than it did to Palestinian Arabs. I assume that you live in the US. I can give you a vert pessimistic view of the future of your neck of the woods: I predict civil war in the US of A in the not so distant future.

  11. I haven’t read your book and until 2012, I (like many people) was ignorant on this conflict. Thank you for this educational speech.
    To have a secure Israel one must free the Palestinians and like your inspirational speech on your sons graduation, a free world free from all prejudices regardless of race, colour, religion, sexuality and so on.
    Thank you

  12. Dear Mr. Peled,
    Thank you for speaking out so courageously and with such compassion. You are doing a great service to humanity.

    May God Bless You.

    Gary Welz

  13. The rarest substance in the world is not gold, platinum & etc. The rarest substance is INTEGRITY.
    I was moved by your morality , humility and courage. I do have my highest respect for you sir. Just bought a copy of your book and enjoy reading it.

    Bruce, San Diego
    Sorry for the typo on previous post.

  14. I urge anyone to also watch an absolutely heart-felt speech made by Irish senator David Norris on youtube. Pandora’s Box seems inspiring as there is always Hope, however weak and feeble it appears after all the ugly demons are released.

  15. Hello Mr Peled,
    i want to know if there is a translation of your book in german or french languages.
    Thank you and greetings.

  16. Dear Mr Peled, i am interested in your book, but i prefer to reed it in french or german. Is there any change that it will translated ih these languages,please? It would be for me eysear to reed. Thank you very much for book.It just put the HISRORY in her right place.

  17. I have shared this video on my. Facebook & said that I cannot stress the importance of it & beseeched others to watch it & share but I don’t feel many on my Facebook will. I would love to know the best way to get involved with trying to put an end to this heinous oppression. I joined Amnesty but I don’t feel they are doing enough. I joined the BDS newsletter this morning. Any other advice would be gratefully received.

  18. Nick Hughes – I agree Senator Norris’ speech was inspirational & started me on the journey which led to Miko Peled who put all the jigsaw pieces in place for me. Yes anyone who has not seen Senator David Norris’ speech I also recommend – the man’s outrage is palpable.

  19. Beautiful, compassionate and very inspiring. The tide is turning and I’m hopeful we can all free Palestine and rectify the injustice imposed on them. Love and respect.

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