1. I saw Mr Peled’s lecture to an American audience about the Isreali Palestenian conflict. I consider myself open minded and willing to hear and learn. I live in Israel for almost 62 years. I was born in Haifa. I was intrigued but unfortunately, I was not convinced. Mr Peled seems to hold a certain agenda and would not let contradicting facts of reality change his view or mind. Morever, by doing so Mr Peled is doing cosiderable damage to his love ones in Israel. It is easy to refute most of the allegations and accusations. One needs to be honest and open minded. I am willing to elaborate if Mr Peled is willing to listen.
    Haim Henn

  2. I have read this because I wanted to know why Israel was bombing Palestine. I got the answers in this book. It is authoritative and balanced. I recommend anyone who wants to know the truth about the troubles in Palestine and Israel to read this.

  3. Extremely interesting book. I recommend anyone who wants to learn about the reality of this conflict to read it. Thank you so much Miko for your hard work and commitment. Has the book been translated in other languages (Italian, for example)?

  4. God bless you Miko!!!! I picked up your book just before going on vacation, I knew it was going to be tough reading. I read a few pages then try and reflect on what was going through your mind at the times the events you refer to in your book were going on then read some more. In a few places you have brought me to tears. May god bless all that you are doing and continue to do. It’s not easy what you’ve had to face based on the culture we come from but you are one of those people that has been gifted by god that can distinguish to we right from wrong. My wife’s family is Italian and I too like Maranna interested in knowing if you have an Italian version?

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