Iran Is Not The Threat. By Miko Peled

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s name is in the headlines again, this time along with the news of the Iran deal. He rejects the agreement, he called it a disastrous historic mistake and he did not miss the opportunity to say that Israel will defense itself, etc. Two questions must be raised in light of Netanyahu’s outrage: The first is why? And the second is why does anyone care?

Netanyahu opposes the Iran deal because the Iran supports Hamas and Hizbollah. Both of these organizations were created in response to Israeli aggression and occupation, the former in Palestine, and the latter in South Lebanon. It was the dedicated resistance of Hezbollah that ended the twenty-year Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon, and made it possible for Lebanese people to return to their homes in Southern Lebanon. Hamas was democratically elected to govern. It maintains some semblance of a government in the Gaza strip, something they would not be able to do without Iranian money because Israel imposed a siege on the strip, locking its 1.7 million people in an open air prison. Hamas is also committed to resistance to the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine, resistance that is obvious particularly in Gaza. During a fifty-one day attack on Gaza in the summer of 2014 Israel murdered over two thousand Palestinians in cold blood and so in reality Israel is the problem and not Iran, Hamas or Hezbolllah. Furthermore, neither Iran, Hezbollah or Hamas pose a threat to Israel, they pose a threat to the Israeli occupation and oppression of Palestinians.

Parallels can be made between the so-called Iran threat and the so called threat from Palestinians and Muslims in the US. The closure, prosecution, trial and convictions of the Holy Land Foundation and the five men who operated it is one of clearest cases of political persecution and injustice in the US. And just like Iran never posed a threat to Jewish people or to Israel, The Holy Land Foundation, as was made absolutely clear in their trial, didn’t fund or support terrorism. They are a threat to the Israeli narrative that seeks to justify Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

Most news broadcasts of the Iran deal also include a statement that, “US allies in the region are worried.” One ally is Saudi Arabia, a ruthless dictatorship run by a corrupt, male dominated family of so-called “kings” and “princes” as though we were still living in the dark ages. Another ally is Egypt’s dictator Abdel Fatah Sissi who gained power through a coup, overthrowing and arresting Egypt’s first democratically elected President, and the third is Israel, which maintains a violent, racist apartheid regime in Palestine. With allies like these, who needs enemies?

Now, why does anyone care what Netanyahu says? The answer has little to do with strategic issues or nuclear proliferation. It has everything to do with the fact that American politicians are afraid of the Israeli lobby. The spineless politicians who stood and clapped as Netanyahu marched on Capitol Hill, his hands stained with Palestinian blood, are afraid that AIPAC will punish them.

AIPAC and the web of pro-Israel organizations it controls are in the business of selling and protecting Israeli interests. They tell a story that paints Israel as a symbol of democracy, freedom and tolerance, and the Palestinians as symbols of hatred, religious fanaticism and terror. American politicians who try to question this pretty picture, will find themselves out of a job.

President Obama did well not to bend to Israeli pressure on the Iran deal. Now, will he take an extra step? Will he demand that Israel unconditionally end the siege on Gaza or release Palestinian political prisoners?
Miko Peled is an Israeli writer and activist living in the US. He is the author of The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine. His father was the late Israeli General Matti Peled. For more please go to: or


  1. Bless your soul again and again…. May the world open their eyes to the truth. Feel sick of how much they are brainwashed. Thanks again for voicing the truth. Wish one day we could discuss face to face.

  2. Miko…You are da MAN.

    Please run for the US senate this fall. You can take the place of the retiring Barbara Boxer.

    We will start a political action committee to support you.

    We will call it The American Free Palestine Political Action Committee.


    That has a nice ring to it….

  3. Spot on, as usual. Miko, you say it like it is. Another great activist of Palestinian rights is being “silenced” because she dares to speak the truth also. Please take a stand against silencing and support Alison Weir. We must find what unites us – not what divides us. And we remember that our fight is for the human rights of Palestinians.

  4. wonderful Miko one of the best articles about the Iran deal. Netanyahu is a monster created by the US, I think this confrontation between US and Israel is a fake. The US leading the evil countries, Saudis, Egipt and Israel tells you how downgraded is the foreign policie of the US. Keep pounding at them Miko the truth will prevail.

  5. one could wish for the population of Israel, that Netanyaho went for an early retirement and thereby made room for people with hearts and brains and no feelings for zionism – such folks exist!

  6. Thank you, Miko! And to answer your last question about president Obama asking Israel to end the Seige on Gaza and release all its political prisoners? I say I highly doubt it.

  7. Great article, thanks again Miko.

    I’m American and EMBARRASSED of how much AIPAC has poisoned the real situation.

  8. I wonder if Bibi comprehends the utter destruction that would follow a even limited nuclear exchange, I worry about this often, I hope that Iran dosent give Isreal a reason to reach that level of insanity we have enough problems in our lap “as one people In really one big Family” , without hav
    ng tp live in an irradiated world whose infrastructure has crumbled , God Bless you Miko, keep talking we are listening .

  9. Its a very blessed day to see someone with such credentials and knowledge of truth to spread around the world for these star worshippers to see.
    Slave labor is the agenda and always has been.
    These federal reserve notes are worth more value for the masters and less for the backs of the “goyem”.
    When the populace of the working class gets educated about these leaches who steal from the wages of our personal labor then that day will begin liberation for victims of corporate America.

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