1. Miko, while I fully support the plight of the Palestinian people, what I do not support is the suppression of any speaker. While these students have every right to protest, the speaker they were protesting also has every right to speak and therefore, to begin the protest, in the room that the speaker is to present their argument, and before the speaker has even begun to speak, is suppression of speech is it not? Or did this protest begin during the Q&A session after the speaker had presented their argument for Zionist Israel?

  2. Hello Miko,

    Thanks for your interview on Law and Disorder today. Both Michael Smith and I thought that It went well and hope to meet up with you when you are next in New York.

    Abdeen Jabara

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  3. Dear Miko, It had been a long time since news came from you…….thank you! When, oh when on earth are we going to meet!!! My festival “Middle East, what can cinema do”, took place last November, a fairly big success, if only it could make people think in this country…My second book also came out, the result of my trip to Israel and Palestine in 2014, its selling fairly well! Situation is grim in Europe, grim all over, what is 2016 going to bring!……..But we were happy with the result of the elections in Spain, let us hope Germany wont fuck it up the way they did with Greece, a scandal, Europ is a joke, a sad one for the moment. I just want to wish you and your close ones everything you may wish for…everything also that we wish for a people that so much aspire to peace and serenity. All my warm thoughts Janine

    Janine Euvrard What Cinema Can Do http://www.whatcancinemado.com 8 Passage de la Tour de Vanves 75014 Paris, France Tel. +33 1 43 27 19 43

    Le 22 déc. 2015 à 22:48, Miko Peled a écrit :

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