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  1. Hello Miko, I enjoy reading your posts, and I appreciate the hard, and arduous work you put into disseminating the truth.
    Trump appears to be a lot less committed to overseas warfare, which gives me hope, and some confidence in him.
    I am not American, so my desire is for a more respectful USA foreign policy. I think it is possible that Trump will give us better USA foreign policy, because he seems to have little, if any, interest in bombing other nations. He appears to be more interested in developing money making schemes overseas.
    I imagine Trump to be a businessman, rather than a crazy political militaristic nut.
    To get yourself into that top USA political seat you need to be a big trickster, because there is nothing ethical or democratic about this filthy world, except, perhaps, the UK decision to get out of Europe.
    What do you think?

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