Defund, Disarm & Disband the IDF!

Each week the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) spokesperson releases a few videos that are then posted on Twitter. They vary a bit but all have the same theme: Aren’t we just great! We (the IDF) are cool, and cute and tough and committed and good looking and serious and oh so humane. Yes they are especially so humane. But the truth is that the IDF is no more than a glorified terrorist organization that is well funded and well fed and needs to be defunded, disarmed and disbanded before its commanders and generals are dragged to The Hague for their crimes.

I admit I follow @IDFSpokesman on Twitter. Each week there is the “Shabbat Shalom” video. This is the one where a few cute, girl-soldiers all made up with green and black paint on their faces and wearing cammies and carrying big guns waive and greet us all with “Shabbat Shalom!” (If you don’t know, that is how Jewish people greet each other on Friday night, leading up to the Sabbath.) Anther version of that are “combat” soldiers, some platoon of some brigade or another on the font lines taking moment of respite from their arduous training regimen, or from the arduous work of protecting the nation from terrorism and other dangers. They look at us, smilingg as they waive and call out “Shabbat Shalom.


Then there are the posts that just glorify the “troops.” During training, on the front lines, laying still during an ambush or working out. Always ready, always alert to defend democracy, freedom, peace and everything else that Israel never stood for. At this moment, if you checked @IDFSpokesman on Twitter you would see a short video of the Nahal Brigade in training. It is titled “Rise an Shine.” You will see fifty- one seconds of an infantry unit running, shooting, crawling and doing all the things that make us excited about war. Yet the Nahal Brigade is known to be one of the cruelest, murderous infantry brigades in the IDF.


You will also see a post titles, “It’ll all be ok in the end.” In this video a cute girl, Sergeant Hannah who has an American accent (they always have American accents) talking about life, about the army, about her pride in the uniform she wears and how she is serving and protecting the Jewish state and the Jewish people. Heart warming, really if it wasn’t also covered in innocent Palestinian blood.  Because volunteering to “serve” in the IDF may look good to people who are ignorant but it is merely contributing to the mass murder and oppression of Palestinians.


There is a video of the IAF, the Israeli Air-force displaying war planes and showing how grand it is to see the world from above. Of course flying and seeing the world through the eyes of an “IAF fighter pilot” is wonderful because when he drops tons of bombs on people in Gaza there is no sight of blood, there is no sight of the mutilated children, no sight of people buried in the rubble, people suffocating to death from the fumes and the chemicals and dust. It is clean and beautiful, no sweat. And the best part is that the pilots can do the ‘job” and make it home in time for dinner with the family.

IDF spokesman is a despicable job. He is not the first person in the world who tried to cover up blood with glory, and murderous attacks on defenseless civilians with smiles and the pretense of “serving your country.” But the way in which this is done by the IDF is particularly cynical and sickening because it is so good. How could these wonderful young men and women be accused of heinous bloody crimes when they look so good?

The IRA Volunteer Bobby Sands, who died tragically during the famous Irish hunger strike, is known to have said, “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.” This is relevant to today’s Palestine for several reasons. Every time the IDF comes out with a post trying to beautify the terrorist organization which it represents, the IDF, we must all remember that children in Gaza have not been laughing for a very long time. That children are living in conditions unfit for humans all across Palestine and around it and are banned from living the normal life they deserve precisely because of this army of terror and no American accent can hide that. Furthermore, as over fifteen-hundred brave Palestinian freedom fighters have taken on the enormous act of self-sacrifice which is the hunger strike have now been without food for close to one month, Israel is desperately trying to discredit them.  Indeed one Palestinian children can laugh again it will be sweet revenge, but how long must they wait, and how many Palestinians must die until it happens?

As we watch his posts and read and hear the claims of courage, morality and legitimacy we must remember that a child in Gaza with a curable cancer will die while a Jewish child living minutes away will live, and this is because Israel will give access to the Jewish child and will prevent the Palestinian child from getting the care he or she needs. Many Jews around the world will support the IDF and donate to the “Friends of the IDF’ (though material support for a terrorist organization is a crime in the US) and claim that it is the IDF that is preventing another holocaust. The truth is that the IDF has been engaged in the crimes of ethic cleaning and genocide for decades, and no amount of BS can cover that up. It is time to defund, disarm, and disband the Jewish terrorist organization known as the IDF,  and to prosecute its commanders and generals.

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  1. How true this all is. The IDF have nothing to be proud off except perhaps getting their soldiers off with murder. When will the people of the world awaken to the plight of the Palestinian people? Could these soldiers et al not at least try to put themselves in the shoes of those who they are trying to kill, maim or divest of their land and homes for one minute and remember how it must have felt for those Jews and Romas in Europe who went through similar terrible times? But alas as you write so eloquently they mostly have American accents so they probably have little or no knowledge of the past or don’t care.

  2. G’Day Miko , Greetings from Down Under again. This is further to recent information I sent you on my latest project, an examination of the Six Day War and the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty by the IDF. Thought your readers might find this, my latest article, of interest.

    “I can’t tell you when I have read a better article about our great ship Liberty and her crew. Phil Nelson did America a great service by writing his very fine book, it was my great honor to work with him on his book.” Philip Tourney, three-time president USS Liberty Veterans Association

    Re: New book — Remember the Liberty — Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas, by Philip Nelson

    Folks, You will see below my latest article and the introduction I’m publishing on my FB page. This latest piece has been inspired by the above book. Feel free to republish, Tweet and circulate as you see fit. This is an important story, and I hope you are able to see your way clear of keeping it alive. This will be the last opportunity these folks and their families have to obtain some justice and redress for what they have been put through.

    A heads up here is important. This is Part One of a Two Parter, the second part to be published on June 8, 2017, the 50th Anniversary of the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty. The next installment will examine further the principal events mentioned herein and the key players involved, and from there consider some of the geopolitical consequences of these events that are themselves playing out to this very day.

    Having been privy to the galley proofs of the book, I’ve been working closely with the author and the publisher in the preparation of this article and the one to follow, and on other pre-publication aspects of the project. I’ll be interviewing Phil Nelson soon, and will make this interview available through the usual mediums and forums. This ‘water-boarding’ session with Phil promises to be wide-ranging, insightful, and informative, [and[ not just about the matters or primary concern in his book.

    Former CIA intelligence analyst, now activist, geopolitical commentator, and co-founder & member of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) Ray McGovern has penned the foreword to the book, due out May 19. Hope you’re well. Best, GM

    Greg Maybury
    Pox Amerikana

    Article: Of Treachery, Treason, Terror, Truth, and Liberty Forsaken (An American Tale)

    #Israel #OccupiedTerritories #SixDayWar #USSLiberty #Palestine #Syria #IsraelLobby #LBJ #MiddleEast #RemembertheLiberty #Gaza #WestBank

    Entree: With the impending anniversary of the 1967 Six Day War (SDW) between Israel and the Arab states (Egypt, Syria, Jordan), it’s timely to take another look at the origins and causes of that pivotal war, and with that examine in some detail the deliberate attack by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) during that conflict on the US naval reconnaissance ship the USS Liberty, with the loss of 34 lives and scores of casualties. To this day, despite irrefutable evidence it was a deliberate attack, the official explanation held to by both the U.S. and Israeli governments is that it was a case of “mistaken identity”.

    Along with showcasing one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. military history — and from there achieve a measure of recognition, justice, redress and closure for the Liberty survivors and their families — it presents us an opportunity to place into broader, more urgent relief, the history of America’s increasingly contentious relationship with Israel in addition to probing the role of both nations in events unfolding in and across the Greater Middle East.

    It moreover, invites us to reexamine the largely unexplored role played in these events by one of America’s most psychopathic and criminally inclined of Oval Officeholders, one whose political ascendancy and White House tenure may have been the most consequential of all. As our narrative herein will reveal, had things gone the way they were planned, it almost certainly would’ve triggered the most cataclysmic consequences of all for the human race. On all counts, author Philip Nelson’s soon to be published book Remember the Liberty: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas, provides us ample context and perspective within which to contemplate all of this and more…..Read on.

  3. Excellent, I agree with your well written comments. It took courage to write. I thank you for doing it.

  4. As always you have an amazing way of enlighten people with your deep knowledge and often about the complex ingredients in a complicated machinery about the so called conflict (“conflict” implies two equal sides) educational and plain. I admire how your way of telling a story reflects the truth so that it sticks in your mind – as I indeed admire your wonderful work for the palestinians and for human rights.

  5. As usual, Miko, you lay out the matter with clarity and grace. Hoping that hope does spring eternal, and that concrete action will be sooner than later. Thanks for what you do and write,
    Bob Tripp
    Reston, VA

  6. Without the perversion of zionizm these Young people would have had every chance to be all the good in this world that humane Judaism would have encouraged them to be. ”Shabbat shalom” is made a degradation to Judaism while those who speak it do the acts which we know too well to be the worst. The IDF is anti-semetic for all it does to Arabs and Jews. End it, bring those to courts and justice, save all the children.

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