1. I hope one day I will have the pleasure of seeing you speak in person and crossing your path. I have nothing but admiration, respect and much love for your beautiful soul. Not an easy path you are on, but one that I hope will inspire many to join you on. Having learned the truth of the conflict in Israel/ Palestine has been life changing. I will never look at the world the same or those suffering and oppressed. Thank ful for brave souls with concern for humanity. I have yet to read your book but am looking forward to doing so. People like you inspire others to speak up to be brave and selfless for the good of many who have not a voice or rights. Insane complicated world it has become. I wish all could see the reality of where we are and have concern to help bring change. I guess one person at a time. Hard living in a world with Hate and violence. Keep strong, keep passion, keep inspiring others by your example and actions. Nothing but love for you for all you do.

  2. Totally agree Janice. What the world needs is peace makers like Miko and Jeremy and not the warmongers and arms dealers who tend to get themselves into power and positions where they can do most damage.

  3. Straight forward and honest. Seldom herd of anymore. Thanks for your brave and consistent approach on the issues.

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