Impressions from Iran, part 2


A lovely oasis, the city of Yazd sits in the middle of a dessert surrounded by snowy peaks.

YAZD, IRAN – The Revolutionary Guard base in Yazd is right off the main road. I was informed the night before that I was to deliver a 7:30 a.m. lecture but no details were provided. That morning, as we were driving, I was told that I would need to leave my camera and phone behind because we were entering a military base. Then they told me that I would be speaking in front of cadets of the famed Iranian Revolutionary Guards, known in Iran as the “Sebah.” I entered the prayer hall, accompanied by a translator and several reporters who escorted me throughout the trip, and we were greeted and led to a seat with a microphone. About 10 rows of young men seated 20-across were on the floor with their legs crossed

To read more, please go to:

An Israeli Addresses Iranian Students and Revolutionary Guard Cadets

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