The State of Palestine Due to the “State of Israel” w/ SU PSF (South Africa)

A discussion between Aadila Mahomed (Founder and chairperson of the Stellenbosch University SU PSF) and Miko Peled (Author, Speaker, Human Rights Activist). The state of Palestine due to the “state of Israel” is a brief overview of the history of the conflict, the effect this conflict would have on the rest of the world, as well as the situation being worsened with Covid-19; where we can see even more clearly- the injustice and lack of humanity from Israel.


  1. Zionism is EVIL! Zionism is the CURSE of Mankind! Think, what Zionist Zealots can do to a country, they claim to be the Friend of the Zionist State? Check out: ! That was a, ‘False Flag’ attack by the Zionist Terror State that failed! “9/11/2001” on the other hand, was a successful “False Flag” attack by them, that resulted in some 3 thousand innocent Collateral Victims, when they ‘Pulled Down’ the WTC. Towers #1,#2,#7! Zionist Zealots are DEMONIC CREATURES! DOWN with Zionism! TIKKUN OLAM! Peace! Salam! Shalom!

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