The Bitter Truth Podcast w/ Abe Abdelhadi: “The Fallacy of Terrorism”

Pro-Palestinian activist, podcast host, author, and friend of the show, Miko Peled joins us to discuss the phenomenon of U.S. police forces training in Israel. He talks about the militarization of our police, behaving like an occupying army, largely against unarmed protesters. It’s no secret that Israel trades in the “fallacy of terrorism,” pretending that they have this “problem” beat. As we become more of an apartheid state, having U.S. police train in Israel is a longtime disturbing trend. 

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  1. I as an agnostic have studied the Islam and the Koran for myself and drawn my own conclusions. Compared next to other world religions I can only conclude from the holy text itself and from the behaviour of its followers throughout history and also in current times, that the Islam is a truly poisonous ideology. I’m sorry, but this is my definite view. I understand and truly respect your wish for peace for all mankind, but some ideologies/religions just really have to go.

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