Miko Peled speaking live in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Miko Peled – writer, athlete and peace activist. He is the son of a Zionist family, and his father is the well-known general, Mattityahu Peled, who fought the wars waged by the Zionist guerrillas in 1948, as well as the 1967 war against the Palestinian people. Israel ignored the investigation that was supervised by General Peled in 1967, which concluded that the Israeli government had committed war crimes, so he became an advocate of Israeli dialogue with the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Miko Peled followed the footsteps of his father, joining the Israeli Special Forces, but soon he resigned from the army to devote himself to the call for peace. He opposed Israel’s crimes and human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza, thus he named his book “The General’s Son – An Israeli Journey in Palestine”.

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