RT America: Miko discusses Trump and US Senate’s calls to label West Bank goods as ‘made in Israel’

While on his trip to visit the West Bank settlements, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued new guidelines for goods specifically made in the West Bank to be labeled as “made in Israel.” Critics see the move as further infringement on the rights of Palestinians. Author and activist Mike Peled shares his insights. ( 17:05 ).


  1. On the plus side, the more Israel entrenches its occupation of Palestine the faster we will see the only then possible outcome – one state shared equally by the indigenous Palestinians and their European colonisers.

  2. Thanks miko for keep us inform, here in Germany in all the media for long time we don’t here nothing about Palestina no news nothing ,like Palestina just doesn’t exist in Miami the same. Wath about the corruption case of Natanahu and wife????
    Nothing will happen
    Thank you miko for you highly concept of justice,that’s caracter

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