From Myth to Reality: Zionist Archeologists Are Using the Bible to Rewrite History

The history of Palestine, a glorious tradition of culture and religion, politics, commerce, and unmatched art and architecture, has all but been lost so that Zionists can claim that they are the true successors of Joshua and King David.

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  1. Miko, I’ve read some genetic studies originating from both inside and outside of Israel that have confirmed/claim that the present day Palestinians are in reality the descendands, to some degree in some cases a large degree, of the Jews that lived in the area at the time of Chrisrt. It defies logic to believe that all those living in once Israel, then  Palestine and now Israel left!  It simply isn’t believable and I can’t imagine anyone taking a 100% diaspora seriously.  In addition there arte those that presently identify as Jews and other non-Jews that do not believe the Ashkenazi ever had any connection to the “Holy Land”.  Your thoughts? Regards…George.

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