Your World News – The Important Struggle to End Apartheid in Israel/Palestine

Your World News is a community based progressive media collective geared towards empowering, giving voice to and connecting communities who have historically been oppressed and marginalized. Recently, they invited Miko on for an interview where they discussed the significant aspects of his life in Israel and how he transformed into an outspoken activist in the struggle to end apartheid and oppression in Israel/Palestine.

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  1. First, foremost and above all, one must be a , ‘MENSCH’! Try to live by the Golden Rule? ‘What You find hateful, painful to You do not do to your Neighbor!’

  2. Were any police officers accused of killing people of color like George Floyd trained in Israel or by folks who were? Learning to treat fellow citizens as enemy combatants (if they “appear Palestinian” : a crime in itself..) is an admirable goal for an Israeli soldier. . Will our police forces become like baseball teams, whose players don’t have to be American citizens to play in the major leagues? Will it just seem practical after a while to protect the public, if our military would just get Israelis to shoot people of color over here so U.S cops don’t have to do it..

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