Bil’in, The New Heroes of The Resistance.

I had visited Bil’in again this sumer, to participate in the weekly Friday protest.  After spending the night with a friend in Ramallah, we drove throught the beauttiful hilly roads that are typial of Palestine and arrived just in time for the march.

The people of Bil’in endure live ammunition, tear gas, arbitrary arrests, abuse of their children by Israeli forces. But their spirit is never broken. Mohammad Al Khatib was in jail when I was there, but his brother, dressed in waterproof overalls soiled by Israeli “stinky water” smiled at me and said: “It is only temporary”. With the support of the members of the Int’l Solidarity Movement, Israelis and others they go on, fighting for the peace and justice they and all of us deserve.

Here are some images from this place where giants dwell.

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