Soldiers of God

If there is one thing that is truly frightening it is an army of soldiers who really believe God is on their side. In Israel and in the West people like to believe that Israel is immune to that. That Israel is somehow a secular religious entity and that the rule of law and common sense [...]

Deheisha and Bethlehem Spring 2011

I travelled with my son Eitan to visit Deheishe and to teach karate to Awlad al Muhayyam, children of the camp.  We met my dear brother Mazen Faraj and he took us through Bethlehem to the camp.  The sights of the camp and the city were harsh and uplifting at the same time.  The bustling of [...]

Sheikh Jerrah April 2011

A large demo and march to protest the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem.  With Palestinian flags held high and a mixed Israeli-Palestinian crowd this was an impressive sight. The Israeli riot police, having been humiliated in court chose not to show their ugly faces.  The settlers too were no where to be seen. Not far from [...]

עשר שנים לסמדר

יום מותה של הנסיכה דיאנה היה יום עצוב לכולם. לי זהו יום שלעולם ישאר עצוב, יום שמבשר רעות. אני לא היכרתי את הנסיכה דיאנה אבל כמו כולם הייתי מאוד, מאוד עצוב כשנהרגה. לא העלתי על דעתי שיום מותה ישאר עמי לעולם כיום המבשר את בואו של מוות נוסף. כיצד יכולתי לדעת אז שכעבור שמספר ימים [...]