Equal Rights. By Miko Peled

As I write these words I am in Jerusalem and it is a cold, windy and rainy day. Yesterday at the protest in Nabi Saleh, facing the IDF terror squads and in full view of the villas of the settler terrorists, we were drenched in rain and then frozen by the cold wind.  Some of the protesters, a group of young women who were gutsier than most, did not run like most of us but stood firm as the IDF terror squad operated its “Skunk” and sprayed them with a foul smelling substance that remains on the skin for days. Now, in this horrid weather, tweeting from the Mukata’a, young Palestinians are protesting against the useless, demeaning process of the PA negotiations with Israel.

The injustices all over Palestine are more obvious than ever.  Israeli children in West Jerusalem get more of everything that Palestinian children in East Jerusalem, particularly if they live in Sho’afat refugee camp for example. Settlers in the West Bank can take the land of the people of Yanun in the West Bank at any time, and are not held back by any law while the people of Yanun have no law and no authority that protects their rights. People in Gaza are bombed and left to die as the world watches and here too there is no one to whom they can turn. Equal rights in a single democracy is the one demand that covers all the demands and deals with all the injustices.

The levels of injustice and despair here are only matched by the great possibilities that a single democratic state with equal rights offers to all people who live here.  Equal rights means equal rights to land, water, immigration, education, work, and above all life. When the apartheid state of Israel is transformed into a single political entity with equal rights for all of its people, residents of Jenin and Deheishe will vote in the same elections as those in Tel Aviv. The results will then reflect the will  of all people who live in Palestine/Israel, our shared homeland, not only the ruling class which happen to be Zionist Israeli Jews.

People often claim that it is an unrealistic, utopian dream and hope for a compromise, for a “moderate” Zionist government that will curb the settlers and reign back the army.  However, it was a “moderate” Zionist government that allowed the settlers to terrorize Palestinians and take their land, it was a “moderate” Zionist government that attacked in and murdered innocents in Gaza, and “moderate” Zionists did nothing when less “moderate” Zionists continued to massacre in Gaza. The settler terrorists are the foot soldiers, they are the trail blazers of Zionism, they were created by “moderate” Zionist governments and are now being

rewarded with villas on choice Palestinian land in the West Bank.

There are those who hope that if elected to a second term, President Obama will turn his attentions to Israel/Palestine but this is quite naive.  Had he or any other president been serious about this issue they would have to come down on Israeli human rights abuses, denial of civil rights, incarceration of political prisoners and massive assaults on civilians resulting in thousands of innocent deaths. It is naive to assume that the political climate in the US allows any of these issues to be brought up.  So anyone out there that is banking on a solution coming from the US, will surely be disappointed.

The quest for equal rights is not a easy one and will not be easily won.  Indeed, any fight against the brutal militant Zionist behemoth is not easy and calls for great sacrifice. But the people in Palestine and abroad who are engaged in the struggle are dedicated and determined and if they put their minds and efforts towards a single demand of complete equal rights within a single democracy, they are sure to succeed.


  1. you are right about the united states helping they are all under a spell of christian zionism if and when that spell can be broken and some of the millionair tv preachers be prosicuted here in the united states we wont se much change thanks for all you do be carefull while over there try not to loose your temper wish i could do more to help you any ideas let me know

  2. During the 25 years I’ve been involved in the “struggle” there have been many positive developments. What strikes me most, however, is the rapidly increasing number of young Jews around the world, including, most importantly, the U.S., who are abandoning Zionism and Israel and giving their full support to the Palestinians. Also, nearly one million Israeli Jews have emigrated seeking better lives abroad and immigration is less than a trickle. At the same time, Israel’s Palestinian/Arab citizens are increasing by 60,000 a year. Zionism is entering its death throes. It is unsustainable. Its ugly venture in Palestine is unsustainable.

  3. I agree with your comment about a single state with equal rights for all its citizens being the only viable solution. Israel, as a Jewish state, has no viable future, which will be a very bitter pill for most of its Jewish citizens to swallow. Just who will provide the leadership that will lead Israel to its new identity is a question Yuri Avnery recently explored in an article in The Palestine Chronicle. Hopefully someone will emerge to lead them. Might that someone be you, Miko?

  4. Skunk … a Labor strategy for reducing the “demographic threat”? Seeing as how the curfew policy kind of backfired that way …

    But seriously, nice article, my friend.

  5. Thanks Miko. It is a great vision that can offer a solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. However, it will never happen because it is against the basic agenda of Zionism. Isrel being the most powerful state in the region does not have to compromise even for peace. It dectates its terms and conditions not only to the Palestinians but also to the American congress and the rest of the world as they continue to play the victim tune while conducting the most aggressive militant policies in the region and beyond. Democracy and equality for all has been a dream for the Israeli Arabs who lived in Israel for the last sixty two years and I cannot see it a reality in a zionist state. It is the sad reality.

  6. Dear Miko,

    Editorial Canaan will like to publish your book “The General’s son” in spanish, in Argentina.
    Could you be so kind and let me know if it is possible to do it?
    Cordially yours
    Saad Chedid

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