This is NOT Recognition. By Miko Peled



As the recognition by European countries of a so called “State of Palestine” continues, it is becoming obvious that this is nothing but an old colonial trick dusted and reused. The fact that liberal Zionist hypocrites the likes of the Israeli writers Amoz Oz and David Grossman are all over it says it all. In the triangular relations between the Europeans, the colonial regime in Palestine – Israel, and the Palestinians, all remains the same.

As usual, the Europeans profit, Israel is permitted to continue its brutal colonial regime over Palestine, and the Palestinians remain alone. The recognition of the “State of Palestine” is nothing more than what Franz Fanon calls “the farce of national independence” (Franz Fanon, “The Wretched of the Earth”). It provides for a select group of Palestinians the illusion of power with titles like “President” “Minister” “Ambassador,” the all time favorite “Head of Security” and it absolves Europeans of their complicity with Israel.

There is now, according to some European countries, a Palestinian state. Look, there must be one for even Britain and Sweden and a few others have recognized it, and they even have a “President!” Never mind the fact that nothing has changed. Gaza is still under siege with no end in sight, Palestinian prisoners are wasting away in the colonizers jails, armed Israeli mobs and the terrorist organization known as the IDF are terrorizing Palestinians, in the Israeli Knesset racist laws are being passed and not one refugee is allowed to return. We would all be wise to remember that the recognition of a “State” that does not exist in order to numb the resistance to a racist, colonialist regime is not new, it has been used by Europeans in Africa and former colonies in other parts of the world and it is always welcomed by liberals among the colonialists.

Israelis who are free and enjoy the privileges of the racist regime in Palestine like to remember people like my father, the retired General Matti Peled, and others like him who while remaining Zionists called for the right of Palestinians to self determination, but only within a small area, defined by Israel of course, so that we can maintain our racist regime and still feel enlightened all at the same time.

It works well for those who do condemn Israel and its policies but still want to see the state of Israel as part of the solution. We hear that the “Two States” are the first step to a single, unified democracy, a statement that only demonstrates the ignorance of those who express it.

In Palestine, speaking out against injustice is no longer enough. In fact it was never enough. As people of conscience we must act for the removal of the injustice and its replacement with a free, democratic system. But many forget that in order to achieve this there must be a struggle. A real struggle, and not some intellectualized version of a struggle as is often suggested by some Israeli liberals, is the only way to defeat racist, colonialist regimes.

Liberal Zionists, and even some who are progressive seek to continue to talk and to debate, which is why they like organizations like the Palestinian Authority, and the various NGOs that have sprouted in Palestine. They reduce the struggle to a philosophical – political debate on the issues of human rights and self-determination. They allow people to live in the illusion that colonialism can be resolved around the negotiating table. They promote the deception that if only young Palestinian boys and girls could meet and play with young Israeli boys and girls at a summer camp, then one day all will be well. But the young Israelis return and serve in the brutal armed forces of the colonial regime and the young Palestinians return to the refugee camps, the various concentration camps and open air prisons that Israel has created for them, and to being unwanted residents in their own land.

But, as Franz Fanon writes in “The Wretched of the Earth,” “Colonialism is not a machine capable of thinking, a body endowed with reason. It is naked violence and only gives in when confronted by greater violence.” My father and the other liberal Zionists were wrong then and their successors are wrong now. For there is no way to stop the colonial machine once it has started. You cannot contain its insatiable hunger, its lust for power and its brutal force. That is why a “Zionist peace camp” is a sham, that is why there is no possibility of peace with the apartheid regime known as Israel.

European governments never liked people who were not white and Christian like them. They have a history of brutal colonialism, of theft of land and resources and one wonders if Africa and parts of the Middle East would not have been prospering democracies by now had it not been for the murderous, greedy policies of past colonizers. Those of us who care and indeed struggle for justice in Palestine would do well not to fall for the old colonial tricks. Rather we should demand recognition that Israel is occupied Palestine, that all Israeli towns and cities are illegal settlements, and that it is time to free Palestine and its people from the illegitimate colonialist regime known as Israel.


  1. Merci Miko Peled pour votre engagement, merci de porter si haut et si fort la parole de la justice. Vos propos, de la bouche même d’un israélien ont un retentissement très fort et une portée décisive et puissante. Courage pour la suite. Nous avons besoin de personnes comme vous pour espérer un jour redonner aux Palestiniens leur dignité.
    Patricia (France-Liban)

  2. “In the fight between justice and evil, taking a neutral stance and being indifferent is the same as siding with evil.”
    Thank you Miko Peled for an informative analysis of Recognition of a Palestine State.
    Free Palestine.

  3. I have read it twice, call me a slow learner, but, by recognizing Palestine, it gets Israel off the hook really. But to recognize Israel as a colonial state, then the world is serious about seeing a free Palestine.

  4. Thank you Miko for an insightful angle on western colonial mentality that retards Palestinian rights. It’s so true, recognition is facile without political clout such as BDS esp sanctions which any nation can impose unilaterally. And recognition is facile in the face of the SILENCE of western govts while Gaza and her defenceless residents were pounded to rubble for 51 days!

  5. You are probably right Mr Peled, It seems logical since Israel was founded in Palestine. But two thounsand years ago it was called Judea or the land of jews. That is one point in favor of Israel. But the main thing is that what you propose is a dream, its just like throwing the americans out of the US and giving the land back to the sioux and the american indians.
    Right now just make all the effort for Israel, the US and the rest of the world to accept the State of Palestine then force Israel to stop the agression, ofcourse also Palestine should agree to stop agression and leave in peace……but even that seems a dream too far.

  6. This is an incredibly strong voice. And I do agree whith you. But what is the ‘solution’ then? Is it one state for everybody who lives in the area? And how can you see than happening? Does that mean civil war?

  7. hi,Miko, this is what tried to send u on twitter, but maybe u have an automatic ‘like’ there, and I don’t want u to miss this. u may like to help them with the research, for u knoe so much, and maybe u can hear some new testimonies from them. so- u’ll find a way to contact the ppl…
    taken from ” +972mag” in Hebrew: ” שיחה מקומית”
    be cool and amazing as usual. so sorry for ur friends (of HLF5). hope razing awareness will eventually help free them.
    love ur approach to life:equality,friendship, simple acts of compassion, kindness=love. trying to follow ur (philosophical&actual(footsteps. they are huge. take care, keep up this work of love. u r an awakened soul. hope the whole planet is awakening fast now. x
    here it is:

  8. Miko, here is the twitter page to follow, = @mekomit
    for it seems they have more important stuff in Hebrew, which isn’t being translated into English, so, will not appear on (twitter)@972mag
    here is an example of news u may like,
    which can be seen only on the Hebrew page
    (begins tomorrow, Sunday, in Yaffa/Jaffa/yaffo):

  9. The Old Colonial Bag of tricks. However, Miko, how are you going to convince the Europeans in Palestine, the dominant segment of Israel society, that it would be in their best interest, and a fine thing in itself, to abandon the old colonial prejudice of racial superiority… the Europeans never did, and probably never shall, quite like the natives.

    As for the Europeans themselves, and their overwhelming sense of civility,don’t hold your breath. Europe created this mess as she long despised, and still does, European Jewry: You lot live over there, it’s all been arranged, and if the natives prove to be somewhat tedious, just give us a call….What a tangled Web we Weave, when we first Practice to Deceive…

  10. I’ve read your book and learned a lot that I didn’t know. I support Palestine unequivocally. But I don’t support the idea that colonialism can only be conquered by violence. I would like to believe it can be conquered economically and socially. The US should use the same sanctions on Israel that it does on Iran. I have no idea how to make it happen.

    Thanks for keeping the world movement toward a false Palestinian state in check. Even if you’re a voice in the wilderness, at least your a strong voice.

  11. Dear Mr. Peled,

    I am interested to know your thoughts on statements like this ( from ex-mossad chiefs and ex-politicians. Who while serving took actions that belie these more conciliatory positions.


    1. A man who dedicated his life to destroying Palestinian life is now talking about the lack of respect for Palestinians. He is a liar and a hypocrite and more than likely a war criminal.

  12. I agree that these recognitions are meaningless when not accompanied by decisive actions to actually return to the Palestinian people their right to self determination and their land. However there is one good aspect to them: they piss Israel off mightily.

  13. Bravo!! At last, a true reality check. Life under an apartheid, colonial regime is well portrayed in “Mandela Long Road to Freedom”…. so many parallels with Occupied Palestine.

  14. “On The Side Of The Road,” by Lea Tarachonsky
    Canadian former Israeli Settler makes honest film of the Nakba, info at:
    Dear Mr. Peled,
    I came across this new film and believe it fully supports and illustrates your book’s revelations….your insights about “recognition” are so cool, and
    with Abbas going to the ICC now, your story, about the discovery of documents proving the hidden agenda of Israel’s Founding Fathers, takes on a Raiders of the Lost Ark quality..
    Your proof that the Israeli government has always assumed statehood came at the cost of diminishing and discarding the inhabitants of a land about which was hypnotically repeated. ” A people for a land, for a land with no people” – normalizes for us as readers the kind of Stockholm Syndrome under which Israel/Palestine lives.
    May the International Criminal Court’s War Crimes Tribunal continue where you left off and sanction Israel for such activities on the basis of their having been considered necessary strategies, and implicit policy from It’s inception.
    Investigating each war crime incident over this summer alone will take years, while ” Intent to Inflict Emotional Distress” ” Intent to Dispossess”, ” Intent to Defame” are evidenced immediately thanks to your courageous disclosures and brave appearances. ..A different kind of soldier. ..
    I live in Arizona where telling the Jews from the Born Again Christians is a bit of a stretch.
    Happy New Year!! S.V. Harmon

  15. Since my post is pending, I would add:
    …As a Jewish American then, your story causes me to examine my actions as both. Realizing that my U.S. citizenship makes me culpable for the results wrecked on both the Occupied and the Occupiers in Israel/Palestine by our “gen(er)ocidy”.

  16. hi, Miko, just watched the 2 talks u uploaded today on twitter, from the conference ,late November. thank u so much for your efforts to spread the truth, to support justice and complete peaceful, equal-for-all solution, in Palestine. love your kind hearted attitude towards people. great presentations, loved your summary and compassionate and passionate attitude. well done, sir. so crucial for the world to change for the better, to accept the real facts and stories of oppressed people, of lies, of propaganda , of dangerous ,carefully planned harassment, genocide, torture, etc. just amazing presentation. thank you. so glad there are people like you on the planet , nowadays, to help awaken the people to truth,one unity consciousness, love. the true meaning of being a human being.
    toda mikol halev. x

  17. this is lovely in theory, in terms of right and wrong. but as a palestinian refugee i don’t want to wait for ever. i don’t want my people to suffer for ever to claim some moral victory.

    i don’t want to fix israel’s racism by some sort of force or pressure. i want freedom from israel, in a state i can call palestine, a real viable country, not under siege.

    i want my family’s children to grow up without bombs and bullets.

    i don’t want to be some sort of class warfare/anti-colonization proving ground where we finally defeat this heinous idea.

    i want life NOW, for me and my people not an impossible dream.

    1. Dear Subhi, the impossible dream is to think that Palestinians can have a life without bombs alongside Israel. Israel will never free any part of Palestine, nor will it allow Palestinians freedom. So the choice is a Palestine that is completely occupied or completely free. The only way to allow Palestinians the life and the freedom they deserve is by dismantling the apartheid regime known as Israel and freeing all of Palestine.

  18. Thank You Mr.Peled for showing the world the Truth about what today is the state lead by Haganah, Irgun and Lehi gangs…I post your videos in any debate where the people closed in a shell cry “They Started It !”..BRAVO !

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