Facebook Shut Me Down



One minute all was fine and the next minute I couldn’t log in. It was as simple as that.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I exposed an Israeli plant, or troll or paid collaborator or maybe he (or she) was all of the above. The person’s name is not relevant because it is most likely fake anyway, and the names change constantly. This one is called Trevor something.

How do we know someone is an Israeli plant? Easy. Read the content. They go from Palestinian solidarity to Nazi ideology very fast. In fact they  go from one to the other so fast,  it becomes obvious it’s an Israeli intelligence plant. Shutting me down is not Israel’s primary objective, but delegitimizing the Palestinian cause is. The case that Israel wants to make is that the Palestinian cause is anti semitic, that it is aligned with the Nazi ideology and Islamic fundamentalist international terror networks and Iranian nuclear ambitions. Well, something like that.

So this one character on FB, who had befriended hundreds of my FB friends was spewing Nazi ideology and trashing me in the process, mostly for being Jewish and therefore not being sincere regarding the Palestinian issue. He was claiming that I was a Zionist plant and since you can’t trust F’n Jews anyway… well, you get the idea.

The important thing is that Israel is on the defensive. Israel is trying to change the subject and is failing miserably. The Israeli military is weak. It is no more than a brutal, over-armed, over-financed and overly confident terror organization. The legitimacy of the IDF is being put to question by everyone except for the greedy dealers who provide it with weapons.  Israeli politicians and army commanders, when from time to time they lift their heads out of the sand, see a grim sight and they are worried.




They are worried about the effects of BDS, they are worried about the growth and the influence of the Palestinian solidarity organizations around the world and they are very worried about the growth of SJP and other students groups on campuses in the US.  They know that no matter how many marches Bibi Netanyahu may walk and how many speeches he may give in US congress, the world is going to side with the Palestinians and Zionism will be be thrown out along with all the other racist, colonialist movements.


Since there is little Israel can do to make things better, they spend their resources on putting out little fires, and my FB pages were the little fires they can put out. It is pathetic, it will make no difference whatsoever. The voice of the Palestinian solidarity will not be weakened, my voice will not be weakened and the struggle will go on. In other words, with or without Facebook the struggle continues until the Zionist regime is behind us and Palestine is free, until every prisoner is freed, until Gaza is free and rebuilt and until every refugee is allowed to return and is given restitution.



  1. Please don’t give up. Start your own page that we can post to Face Book. The truth needs to get out. Please let me know if you have a web page I can follow you on. Thank you so much for the truth.

  2. This is shocking news! Shutting down your account, just like that? At least they ought to tell you what TOS you have violated. I’ll keep following you on Twitter. Hopefully, they will not shut you down.

  3. I had a similar experience. It is my belief that the illegal attack on Iraq was carried out by the USA and the UK on behalf of Israel because Saddam Hussein supported the Palestinians.

    I have a petition active on the 38Degrees web site to get the Chilcot Inquiry report into the attack published immediately. To encourage people to sign, I joined FB to try and make people aware of the petition and after a short while I was shut down.

  4. Thanks for being straight-forward and honest–as you always are– and calling things as they in fact are–Zionist and AIPAC lines not withstanding

    Hope are able come to DC in March and hope to see you then.

    Bob Tripp
    Reston, VA

  5. They did the same thing to me many years ago, removing every comment I ever made in all the groups I participated in. I wrote them 3 times, asking for any legitimate reason and explanation? They didn’t answer any of those requests.

  6. Hello Miko – I don’t know how you manage to stay strong in the face of the resistance you must meet on many fronts. All I know is that I am grateful that you continue to speak out with such passion, wisdom and integrity. Please take good care of yourself. Thank you.

  7. I have so struggled with the Palestinian-Jewish issues. In my heart, I was aware of racism, injustice…. but felt guilty for going against Judaism and Isreal. Tonight, i listened to a talk you gave that I found on U-tube. Although painful and difficult to accept, I believed you told the truth and your talk resonated with me. I thank-you so much. Concerning, facebook it seems to me you are running up against oppositional forces who want to shut you up so the truth is not acknowledged.

    Anyway, I am proud of you. It seems we in North America seem to have our identities so tied to the Holocaust that it is painful to see injustice is a systemic reality in Israel as one feels like a traitor. All in all, we need to see the importance of equity for all, even if difficult. Thank-you so much as you have confirmed what felt in my heart but was scared to vocalize or accept.

  8. hi- where did you get that palestine will be free logo? i want to make copies & distribute them everywhere.

  9. We love and respect the real humanbeings like you,sir /mr Miko Peled ..! you and your sister who lost her child in suicide-bombing are model to all who want to learn and grow as humans. May your neice be the darling of One-God,playing in the lap of along with other children of Palestine who too lost their precious lives!,,,,you are in our ” HeartBook ”…Sir continue your work[noble one]…Shalom…/Salam…Salaama….May Allah protect your family including and that of your sister ! ..Amen /Ameen….Long live HUMAN SOLIDARITY !!

  10. When such things happen, you know that those who oppose you are nervous. Keep on making them nervous, Miko; I salute you!

  11. Miko is that legal to shut you down?? What about free speech??
    I’m disturbed by the trolls that attack on Facebook and find it very disturbing that anyone who speaks up against Israel is a target for Hate.
    It doesn’t make sense,we are taught as children if we are being ABUSED to speak up and point out the perpetrator and it is not your fault! Aren’t we sending the wrong message to the world by staying SILENT and covering it up AMERICA?? Abusers MANIPULATE and play VICTIM,ISRAEL is the perpetrator and the ABUSER!
    I wish you well MIKO and find it disturbing how powerful your HOMELAND has become….. Your stories of your mother and my parents are very similar… My Parents were born in Ramallah 1930… My father spoke highly of his JEWISH neighbors … Saying they would sell their goods and fabrics and would come back weeks after to collect the money on good faith.
    The native people from that region before1947or 1967 were much much more civil and nice! I think what ruined ISRAEL was these settlers that came from Europe,and the world…they are RUTHLESS !

    May you stay safe and keep steadfast!
    Jackie Baba

  12. we love you we respect you we listen to you we follow you and you inspire us, if these cowards can think they will shut your voice down then let them live in their fool’s heaven , the world listens to you and that is why they are scared,

  13. My FB page was shut down 2/11/15. A good friend told me yours was shut down. I believe you are on the right track, Miko. I do not think my page will return because of the people we support.

  14. I got told off for accusing someone of being a hasbara troll. When Amber Jones is a well known fake profile. Why is Mark Zuckerberg so interested in promoting state propaganda and not protecting the common user from his warped social media platform. Why are state trolls allowed to be paid and push their narrative across social media platforms. This is not right..

  15. Miko, because of the publicity FB’s removal of your site has generated, perversely the Zionist lobby, who were no doubt responsible for pressing FB to close you down, could have done you a favour. Thankfully your excellent talks are still on YouTube for all to see.

  16. When I listen to you tears stream down my face. The love and commitment you exude when you speak moves my soul. I think that this ability to connect with people at our human core is what makes you a threat to racists of all stripes. Through people like you we realize that humanity is one. God protect and bless you.

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