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Netanyahu’s coming to town

 By Miko Peled

Netanyahu is coming to town! He’ll speak at a joint session of congress and at the AIPAC national convention.  We’ll hear about the threat of Islam, terrorism, Iran! How delightful! But what about Gaza?

As 2015 begins, 1.6 million people in Gaza are still living the consequence of Netanyahu’s killing spree of summer 2014: Over two thousand killed, more dying daily due to lack of shelter, heating and medical care. The countless injured are denied care in Israel, though Israeli modern medical facilities are available a few short miles from Gaza.

So one would expect the discussion on a solution to Palestine/Israel would gain momentum.

But first, we have to bring up a few sticky issues: Why not use the $3 billion in foreign aid Israel receives annually to rebuild the destruction Israel created in Gaza?  Millions (!) of tons of U.S. made bombs dropped by IDF on Gaza is no small liability.

We should touch on the fact that had it not been for Israeli forces pushing Palestinians out of their homes in 1948-49, there would be no Gaza “Strip,” and no refugee problem. No small liability here either.

My father was the late IDF general Matti Peled. He was, among many things, military governor of Gaza. In the years leading to and during the 1967 War he was a member of the IDF high command. In preparation for my book “The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine,” (2012, Just World Books) I spent many days in the Israeli army archives. What I saw confirms that the myth of an existential threat on Israel by Arab armies is precisely that, a myth!

Records show clearly that as early as the mid 1950’s Israel was ready to take the West Bank and Gaza and complete the conquest of Greater Israel. The Gaza strip was constantly under attack as soon as it was created and overpopulated with thousands of traumatized, homeless refugees. The taking of the West Bank was an Israeli strategic objective from the very beginning, and in 1967 the political climate allowed the IDF to take it. Exactly like in 1948, as soon as the gun barrels fell silent, Israeli bulldozers began destroying Palestinian towns and neighborhoods in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in order to erect towns for Jews only. Israeli commanders referred to the 1967 conquest of the West Bank as “finishing the job.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the so-called Two State Solution was never a serious option. As one staffer at Capital Hill said to me, “Israel does not even offer equal rights to Palestinians who are citizens of Israel.” So how can we expect that Israel, a State that offers exclusive rights to Jewish people and whose boundaries include all of Greater Israel, aka Palestine, allow for the creation of an independent state for Palestinians?

My point exactly.

The choices in Palestine go beyond Fatah or Hamas, and the choices for a solution are not one state or two states. Now, almost fifty years and billions of dollars after 1967, the integration of the West Bank with the rest of Israel is complete, and the expectation that Israel would seriously negotiate to reverse this is beyond absurd.  The choices now are whether to continue the same old Fatah vs. Hamas, Abbas vs. Netanyahu paradigm, or push for freedom, justice and ultimately peace and security for Palestinians and Israelis alike. The new paradigm is transforming all of Israel/Palestine into a single democracy with complete equal rights. A one person one vote system will allow Israelis and Palestinians, two highly productive, educated societies, to reach their true potential in the beautiful country they share.

Peled is an Israeli writer and a activist living in San Diego California. He is the author of “The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine” (2012, Just World Books). He writes and speaks extensively on the issue of Palestine/Israel.


  1. Miko, I didn’t have the time earlier to send you my support and solidarity for your FB shut down. What a shame… but not surprising in this world we’re living in. Anyway, I know you’re kicking where it hurts, and will continue doing it through many venues. Keep it up! And if you come to Pal before April 16, let me know (would be great to meet and catch up)!

  2. Agreed! Equality for all is inevitable & of course the only way our species will naturally thrive. The obstacle that has been purposely stuck in the way of said thriving is obviously crumbling all around us. As you know, one’s “awareness” is of course the key to it all. You set a noble example of what it means to thrive sir. You & your family’s experiences have expanded my awareness a thousand fold. & my hopes too! One of my favorite quotes (loosely) by Heraclitus is ” Character is Destiny ” which of course has been beyond proven to be true. & one of my favorite songs from old Rod Stewart is ” You Wear It Well “. & you do… for doing what you do Miko , thank you.

  3. God bless the womb that held you. We are getting sick of the brain washing the western media is doing to her citizens making them unable to see the truth. Israel has worked hard to ruin our image as jewish people, the over spoiled nation.
    God bless you Miko!

  4. Dear Mr. Peled, Thank you for your article. I have read our book, plus countless others on the Palestine issue and agree with you 100%. To say that Israel will give up its occupied territories is absurd !! That is most direct and accurate analysis of the situation. It is absurd. A great word. Thank you for your humanity. Florence Brown

  5. You are one of the greatest Jew I ever know,I did enjoy your book the General’s son God blesses him and all your family specially your sweet heart ted mother,what a great woman and what a good soon you are.

  6. Very well said Mr Peled, but I think your fight is doom to failure because american government and most of the population there are terribly agresive and pro war, look at Mr Mc Cain and most Republicans. I do not beleive that most americans will feel ashamed fron reading your article, on the contrary they will feel proud of supporting Israel. Just look what is going on in Ukraine who is fueling this conflict ? Russians ? Ofcourse not…is the US behind the coup and wanting to send weapons. Not good for the world this kind of leadership.

  7. Bravo to you Mr. Peled! To speak the truth takes courage in a world populated by opportunists and cowards. Tyrannies are always the product of such cretins as history shows; however tyrannies are incapable of diluting or concealing the truth of their brutality indefinitely, thanks to the voices that sing tirelessly the hymn of truth, the declarations of their consciences. Guilt & shame will bring down the pillars of any entity created & sustained at the expense of the suffering of other humans.

  8. I have read your inspiring book and had the pleasure of meeting you in Brisbane. Long may you live to speak the truth.

  9. It seems to me that the long hoped for split between the USA and Israel is starting to take form. For the last 40 years, Israel has been able to present its interests as “identical” to those of the USA and therefore worthy of complete uncritical support.

    Its clear, however, that the USA and Israel have different interests with respect to Iran. The Israel lobby is losing traction. To use the famous Winston Churchill quote – “This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning.”

  10. errata corrige:
    I couldn’t agreed more. The Israeli my be fear that they became a minority; but if they , Israeli and Palestinians , managed to aggregate in parties to fought toghether the fierce agressivity of the ultraortodox community toghether with the small integralist portion of the muslim, and a bigger Jewish one they will succeded in the Miko Peled hope of ” single democracy with complete equal rights. A one person one vote system will allow Israelis and Palestinians, two highly productive, educated societies, to reach their true potential in the beautiful country they share.” Why is that that the Israeli want to set a confessional society like ISIS?

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