Why Did Rep. Duncan Hunter & Rep. Juan Vargas Try to Shut Me Up?

Two members of US Congress tried to prevent me from giving this speech at this college!

(This is my letter that the San Diego Union Tribune wouldn’t publish)


(at the end of the video you will campus police asking to evacuate the room. Apparently there was a smoking backpack out side, it turned out that one of those electric cigarette malfunctioned.)

Rep. Duncan Hunter, Rep. Juan Vargas and Mr. Carl De Maio all wrote letters to Dr. Roger Shultz, President of Mt. San Jacinto College urging him to cancel a lecture I was asked to give on campus. The invitation for me to speak came from the MSJC Amnesty International Club. Neither one of these public figures has ever met me, spoken to me or communicated with me in any way. Yet they saw fit to criticize, even demonize me and my views.

Rep. Hunter asked the college to “reconsider your invitation to Mr. Peled.” Calling my views : “Offensive,” “inaccurate and “incendiary.” I wonder if Rep. Hunter knows that my grandfather signed the Israeli declaration of independence, my father was a general in the Israeli army. I wonder what he finds incendiary or offensive in me calling for justice and equal rights in a free Palestine.

Rep. Vargas stated that: “His highly inaccurate comments may both mislead students and further incite hatred.” My talks call for the elimination of walls and barriers and for the establishment of a more just system in Palestine/Israel. Where exactly do I incite hatred?

Finally, Mr. DeMaio pleads, ”Don’t let him pollute your campus” because according to him, my published works are “embedded with anti-Jewish themes.” I am Jewish as is my entire family, most of whom live in Jerusalem. I have to wonder why Mr. Demaio, a self-declared Gay Republican, considers my call to end racism in Palestine “Anti-Jewish” or “polluting.”

In a review for my book “The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine,” that was published in the San Diego Union Tribune in June of 2012 the late Steve Kowit, writes:

“For anyone wishing to understand the complex dynamics of one of the world’s most consequential and tragic conflicts, Miko Peled’s courageous, revelatory and compassionate memoir, ‘The General’s Son,’ is likely to become required reading.”

In a review written by Pulitzer Prize laureate Alice Walker, Ms. Walker writes: “There are few books on the Israel/Palestine issue that seem as hopeful to me as this one.”

A review in the Foreign Policy Journal says: “Combining a wealth of knowledge and experience, with a strong sense of human compassion and common sense, and with a compelling and forceful narrative, Peled has written a story that needs to be read by anyone interested in Palestine/Israel and the broader Middle-East in general.”

Since the book was published I have spoken on college campuses locally, including UCSD, SDSU, San Diego City College, Grosmont College, as well as on campuses around the US and Overseas. I have never experienced such a reaction.

In spite of the attempts to derail the event, the lecture at Mt. San Jacinto College enjoyed a record attendance. I commend MSJC President, Dr. Shultz for allowing the event to go on as planned and I thank the students, faculty, and Administration for their warm welcome and hospitality.

Miko Peled


  1. Dear Sir / Madame,

    Greetings from India.

    I am Shrinivas Dharmadhikari from India.

    The purpose of this message is the following:

    As you are already aware, we have in India a right wing party in power with Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi heading the Government.

    In today’s newspaper, there is headline news that Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, plans to visit Israel and Palestine. This will be the first Indian Prime Minister visiting Israel which is an epoch of incremental shift in India’s foreign policy under American influence.

    In our (me & few others) opinion India’s Prime Minister should not visit Israel which IS NOT ONLY IMMORAL and major foreign policy compromise but also, it will provide approval to the newly elected extremist Likud party Government of Mr. Netanyahu.

    As a democratic means of opposition we wish to start a petition campaign urging the Indian PM not to undertake such visit and hope to get it endorsed by distinguished persons and average Indians and like minded Global Citizens.

    This is to request you to provide your endorsement to the proposed petition. Obviously we will first share the draft of petition and you may suggest changes/corrections which we value the most.

    However do let us know subject to A DRAFT ACCEPTABLE TO YOU , you be willing to endorse the petition.

    Await your response.

    Warm Regards,

    +91 98 230 09850

  2. I just want to reiterate what the Buddha once said: THERE ARE 3 THINGS THAT CANNOT BE HIDDEN: THE SUN, THE MOON AND THE TRUTH. It appears here that we are trying to hide the Truth which Mr. Peled so admirably and courageously provides of what is really going on in Israel and what these poor ignorant US Government representatives are unable to comprehend is that they are in a democratic country where both sides of every story should be told and let the people decide for themselves what to believe. It appears that these representatives are puppets of other puppets riding on a ship of fools – they know not what they do.

    May I advise you, Mr. Peled, to also use other means to spread your truth like conferences on the internet. You will be amazed at the response from a worldwide audience.

  3. Are they under pressure from aipac ?
    Or they are not informed correctly?
    Or they are just blind ?
    Or they do not have the innate human conscience about human oppression and colonization!

    I will urge all of us to call their office!
    Miko, you are doing the right thing. Your speech will only create a peaceful and fair nation for future generations!

  4. Well Miko,

    I’m sure you know the answer really but maybe your readers might like to have some basic info.

    It’s had to find anything on campaign funds. Maplight doesn’t come up with anything startling.



    Juan Vargas

    On Israel:

    July 31, 2013 – “As an ardent supporter of our greatest ally in the region, I believe that transferring our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will reaffirm our commitment to the state of Israel,” said Congressman Juan Vargas. “As a continuation of over 3,000 years of Jewish history, Jerusalem must remain the undivided and eternal capital of Israel.” Click here to access the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act of 2013.

    which is:

    H.R.104 Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act of 2013


    Now for Duncan Hunter.

    Council of Foreign Relations


    which as a link to his views on Israel-Palestine


    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Rep. Hunter (R-CA) says Israel should not give up “one inch” of territory. He supports Israel’s security wall and also says Israel should improve its missile defense system, with assistance from the United States, to “prevent the sort of attacks that country suffered during its war with Hezbollah.” Like Giuliani, Hunter says a peace process will be impossible until Palestinians “renounce terrorism and stop their attacks on the Israeli people.”

    Carl Demaio:

    From Vote Smart


    Demaio Stands with Israel as They Defend their Nation and Fight Terror
    By: Carl DeMaio
    Date: July 21, 2014
    Location: Unknown

    Carl DeMaio issued the following statement on the ongoing violence in Gaza:

    “I’m outraged by the actions taken by Hamas to use terror to threaten not only the lives of Israelis, but Palestinians as well. Once again, Hamas shows they’re not capable at present of accepting a peaceful coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis. Israel has a right and duty to defend itself — and it is my hope that their operation in Gaza eliminates or at least reduces the ability of Hamas to engage in acts of terror.”

    –Carl DeMaio

    More strength to your arm.

  5. kudos to the University president. Letters from elected officials are hard to ignore. He probably came under a lot of other pressure as well. But you know what? People don’t like it when they are pressured. So Miko got to make his speech, and we have a university president who is a bit more open to our point of view.

  6. Thank you Miko for a very fresh expose’ of the Palestine/Israel conflict.

    What I want to know PLEASE, is why was the meeting called off by the police officer, who whispered something in your ear, before you finished the Q&A?

    Best regards,


    Antoine Raffoul Coordinator

    +44(0)7768 862657 http://www.1948.org.uk

    We may occasionally send you e-mail updates on our activities. If at any time you wish not to receive this information, please let us know by sending us a blank message with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

  7. Outrageous!! I have heard Peled speak, whereas they obviously haven’t. Such cowardly devotion to Zionist lobbyists should be condemned as a constitutional violation of Peled’s rights. James Faris

  8. the question from above – (What are De Maio, Vargas and Hunter really
    afraid of? )

    answer – that the public will become aware that they have sold off their Integrity & are not what they appear to be… ( i.e. Un Authentic ) The good news, all 3 have publicly revealed what they are.
    ( & that = more Truth, not great news albeit but nonetheless still more Truth & that’s always a + )

    Bless you Miko for your tireless efforts & all others who carry your example of compassion, integrity & truth.

  9. Sent letters to De Maio, Vargas and Hunter voicing my disgust. Will do everything possible to see that none of them are ever again elected to office.

    Miko should run for Hunter’s seat in the House. He is the kind of politician we need in Washington.

  10. If you are wondering why the persecution….I will point you in a direction? Research the role of the Middle-East and Israel plays in the New World Order. What you are experience is not just friction over Iseal but is much bigger….you are playing with Global Powers…….Start a little research, you will see I am right

    Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 14:54:48 +0000 To: rwrev@hotmail.com

  11. Don’t know about the most hopeful analysis, you always depress the hell out of me Miko ;). Keep up the good work brother. It seems hopeless at the moment.

  12. Can someone please explain to me why american law allow people with dual citizenship to hold any kind of position of power/public office? In the legal system a judge has to recuse him/herself if there is any hint of bias, but the politicians…

  13. The three politicians who fought your presentation are easy to get: they are in the pocket of Israel. But what reason did the San Diego paper give for refusing to publish your letter? It would be very interesting if you were to divulge their excuses.

    Jorge Pérez de Lara

  14. You, a peacemaker, can’t speak about equal rights because it “may mislead and further incite hatred,” yet hate talk is everywhere inciting white supremacists to kill 9 in a church while at bible study… I agree with the above reader, you depress me Miko. But in a good way. Keep up the brave and good work!

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