1. Thank you Miko! Have you read the live closed caption text of your words? They messed with what you said multiple times.Obviously to mislead anybody watching who’s not able to listen but notice what particular words or names they changed. You say Zionist , they write Scientist,  you say Peres they write Paris’s, I now forget one of the words but they wrote dude for it. I mean come on! & many others. & of course the way they play with the Audio speed. ( I’m a recording engineer ) I write this just in case you weren’t aware of it. Thank you Milo.  Sincerely, Craig Parker Adams 

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  2. & My apologies Miko on spellcheck changing your name’s spelling. 

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  3. As you know I have followed you for several years .I just wanted to say thank you for all you do keeping people of conscience informed.

  4. Interestingly in that when I heard of his death and heard the President of the US would attend the funeral I was perplexed as to why a US President is honoring an Israeli criminal. Shame of Barack Obama.

  5. Dear brother Miko,
    You and your sister Dr. Hanan have been voices of bravery, honesty and conscious.
    It is beyond shame that the so called world leaders praised a war criminal and mass killer AKA Shimon Peres.

  6. Thanks for this Miko for eloquently countering the obscene response to Peres’ death, not the least of which was the Resident ordering US government flags to be flown at half staff,

  7. Miko,
    You are an inspiration to me and I am sure to so many others that hope for justice and peace in Israel/Palestine. You are articulate and brave and your compassion is boundless. As I have often told my children, character is everything and, in that context, you are truly a hero. I know this will sound contradictory, your analysis is often both refreshing and distressing. Refreshing to hear the truth and distressing to have been so duped about the atrocities the manufactured narrative concealed. Thank you for all you do to enlighten those of us that have been mislead for so long.
    Semper Fi,
    Rick Daniels

  8. Reblogged this on Santas' laboratory and commented:
    Excellent interview with Miko on the career of Israeli ex-president and war criminal Shimon Peres, who passed away recently and was prised as peacemaker genius by US and European leaders at the funeral – Miko’s interview here is less then 10 minutes long but very concise and to the point !

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